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Shred Gnarberry Review

Embark on a sensory journey with Shred's Gnarberry, where sweet and fruity aromas intertwine, promising a THC-rich adventure that transcends conventional strains. Unveiling surprises in potency and rolling convenience, our review delves into the highs and lows of this intriguing cannabis experience.

In today’s review, we dive into Shred Gnarberry, meticulously examining every aspect of this product to provide you with an insightful and informed perspective. From the enticing blend of sweet and fruity aromas to the unexpected potency revelations, our exploration leaves no leaf unturned. Join us as we unravel the sensory delights, assess the rolling convenience, and weigh the highs against the lows.

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Upon unsealing the resealable bag containing Shred’s Gnarberry milled flower, a robust and pleasing aroma immediately greeted our senses. The scent was mildly sweet, reminiscent of icing sugar, with subtle undertones of spices such as ginger and thyme. Not overly sweet but undeniably noticeable.


While we lamented the inability to see the dried flower before milling, the milled product retained a vibrant green allure. The milling process left the dried flower in rice-sized flakes, making it effortlessly suitable for rolling.


Rolling up this strain was a familiar process, with the exception that we didn’t grind it ourselves. Upon lighting the joint, the inhale delivered a moderately sweet flavor echoing the earlier aroma. The exhale maintained this sweetness and introduced a subtle spicy aftertaste kick, adding depth to the overall experience.


Our bag of Gnarberry from Shred was labelled with lot number 37071230908 and had a price of $59.70 for 14 grams and was listed as having 21.5% THC content. We enjoyed this flower’s effects to put it mildly. We took the liberty of using the TCheck (screenshot below) on this dried flower and was pleasantly surprised when it measured in at 25.5% THC instead! The experience was far more physical in effect than cerebral. A moderately strong heavy feeling washes over our body which is great for those times you want to spend time on the couch chilling and relaxing. It was also accompanied by a slightly foggy cerebral experience which made intense focus or memory retention difficult so we decided it’d be suitable for binge watching some shows.

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gnarberry thc check


Shred's Gnarberry offers a delightful experience with its pleasing blend of sweet and fruity aromas, complemented by a potent THC content measuring at a surprising 25.5%. The easy rolling process, courtesy of the milled flakes, adds to its convenience. However, the undisclosed appearance of the dried flower before milling and the strain's tendency to induce moderate cerebral impairment, affecting focus and memory retention, are notable drawbacks. Additionally, the price tag of $59.70 for 14 grams might be considered on the higher side by some consumers.
  • Pleasing aroma and flavour
  • Humidity shield included
  • Easy rolling process
  • Unknown dried flower appearance
  • Moderate cerebral impairment
  • Price on higher side
SMELL - 7.1
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