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Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen Review

Smojo replaces your traditional pipe screen with a piece of high quality surgical steel that was engineered to withstand a normal lighter flame.

When I found out we had a “Smojo” to review my first question was “what the heck is a Smojo?”

And what I learned was quite interesting. You see, this tiny piece of metal was designed to replace traditional screens used in glass pipes and bongs. Even though it might not look like much (and could easily be lost if you dropped it on the floor), the team at Smojo claims it does an extremely effective job and lasts a very long time.

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Smojo is made from surgical quality 304 stainless steel that was engineered to resist the heat created by standard lighters. This special type of surgical steel has been extensively studied to learn it’s applications and limitations which the Smojo team is leveraging in this product.

Their filter forms a protective crystalline passivation layer from the heat that acts like glass, and ultimately prevents it from burning. The two prongs that are inserted into the pipe can easily be adjusted if you need a tighter fit to ensure the Smojo screen won’t fall out.

For such a small accessory it’s hard to think of a better material to have used for the device.

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The directions on using the Smojo screen are straight forward even though the installation can be a little tricky depending on the depth on your bowl. Remember, this was designed specifically for glass bongs and glass pipes so we’re not sure if it works in other devices.

We reviewed the Very Happy Kit a few months ago and their glass pipe is the perfect example of what this screen was made for since the bowl hole is 1/8″ in diameter and has at least 3/8″ clearance.

You’ll need to check the size of the hole and the clearance beneath it.  If you’re not sure it will fit then grab a 1/8″ drill bit and slide it through the hole at the bottom of your pipe to a depth of 3/8″, if this fits then Smojo should work.  If the 1/8″ drill bit does not slide through the hole then you’re likely out of luck. Another test is to take several normal size paperclips, straighten them out, and see how many can fit in through the hole at the same time, 4 is borderline, 5 or more and it should fit.

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The Smojo permanent smoking screen is made in the United States and available from their website in 3 packages:

  • 3-pack for $11.95
  • 10-pack for $29.95
  • 24-pack for $59.95

It’s a really clever idea that works exactly as they describe and the 3-pack essentially only costs $4 per screen which is not bad when you consider how long they should last. If you’re a regular pipe or bong user then you should definitely give this a try and see how much it improves your smoking experience. I can’t see us going back to buying pipe screens any time soon.

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smojo fitting guide
Smojo's permanent smoking screen replaces traditional filters that are used in glass pipes and bongs. Made from high quality surgical steel which is designed to last a long time and cannot be burned by standard lighters. Although installation can be a little tricky, this device is perfect for users who regularly smoke their cannabis from glass pipes or bongs.
  • Made from high quality surgical steel
  • Simple to clean and will not burn
  • Eliminates needs to buy pipe screens
  • Easy to lose if not in a pipe
  • Can be tricky to install depending on bowl depth
  • Possible to damage fragile glass bowls
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