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Smoke That Thunders Black Magic Review

Black Magic from Smoke That Thunders is a premium sativa with potent THC levels of 27% and a strong peppery flavour.

Smoke That Thunders is part of the THC Biomed network and focuses on growing strains with THC content above 20%.

Unfortunately I found very little information about Smoke That Thunders Black Magic online except a pie chart that listed Caryophyllene as one of the highest terpenes in this flower. They did mention this Sativa Black Magic “is one of Africa’s hidden treasures reserved for priests and the nobles.” Here’s hoping their Black Magic is an actual treasure. Let’s see how this flower compares to their Dragon’s Lettuce Premium Sativa.

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Given our experience with this brand I expected a fairly mild aroma and that was pretty much what I got. After opening the container, there was an initial rush of light citrus with subtle hints of pepper, however there was also a very strong ammonia smell that ended up overpowering pretty much everything else in the container.


The eighth came in a black plastic container similar to a pill bottle with the THC content (27.38%), CBD contents (0.56%) and the brand name printed on the label. On the inside of the container we noticed a dry coating of shake and trichomes which made us think the flower was very dry. In terms of appearance, there was several tiny buds, bright green colouring and orange hairs with slightly bigger leaves poking throughout with a ton of shake beneath the buds. The trichomes were highly visible with a milky amber colour but at the same time this flower was extremely dry.


The flavour profile of Smoke That Thunders Black Magic had a very citrus lime element with a solid black pepper aftertaste which was most likely caused by Caryophyllene being the most dominant terpene. I smoked this Black Magic strain both through rolling a joint and vaporizer but felt it was a harsh smoking experience. Unfortunately the taste was not impressive or noteworthy and smoking this flower felt like I was doing so just to get high.


My flower was part of lot number 3077 with a package date of July 21, 2022. It was listed with 27.39% THC content and a price tag of $31.99, although that THC percentage sounds high, I found it only created a medium but energetic buzz. I think this product is a good example of why THC levels should not be the only thing you consider when buying dried flower. With a strong ammonia scent and dry shaggy buds, I’d recommend looking for a magical sativa elsewhere.

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Black Magic from Smoke That Thunders is a potent sativa with over 27% THC content and a peppery flavour profile. Even though the THC amount was high, I thought it was only moderately strong but did create an energetic buzz. This product is great example of why THC percentage shouldn't be the only thing you consider. With a strong ammonia scent, I'd look elsewhere for my next sativa.
  • Over 27% THC content
  • Taste was very bland
  • Price ($31.99 for 3.5 grams)
  • Potential mold on numerous buds
  • Dry buds and lots of shake
  • Strong ammonia smell
Smell - 6.4
Appearance - 6.2
Flavour - 6.9
Experience - 7.3
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Coming to you straight out of British Columbia, I have been consuming cannabis since high school and joined the legal market as a budtender in late 2021. Showcasing the craft, the dank, and the shake of the West Coast market. As a daily consumer I go for products that have a tasty flavour profile, deliver a good quality high, with a price point that won’t hurt the bank account. Now let’s blast some Mother Mother and get ready to laugh like Seth Rogen.

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