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Smoking 1 1/4 Brown Cones Review

1 1/4" cones that use Smoking brand's brown paper with the purpose of creating a more environmentally sustainable process.

If you don’t like rolling joints and prefer smoking unbleached paper then today’s product was made just for you.

Smoking 1 1/4 Brown Cones are made from ultra-fine paper, slow burning unbleached paper with the goal of creating a more environmentally sustainable product. Verifying the unbleached part is easier than determining the positive impact (if any) this brand has on the environment when it’s all said and done. However since starting these rolling paper reviews we’ve been impressed with this company so we’re optimistic about these cones.

Let’s see how they stack up to Zig Zag’s 1 1/4″ white cones which we just reviewed a few months ago.

smoking 1 1 4 brown cones review photos 1 merry jade


Instead of the cones arriving in a traditional box like their competitors, Smoking shipped this product in a cone shaped box with cork lid. The package is unique and I can’t remember seeing another one quite like this so it stood out right from the beginning.

We popped the cork (like opening a bottle of wine) and dumped out the 6 pre-rolled cones. Each was made using brown filter paper, unbleached 1 1/4″ paper and a piece of brown cardboard in the middle to prevent tearing or folding.

Smoking says they use ultra-fine paper which is probably true, however we think their Thinnest medium papers which if you remember were almost transparent are the thinnest paper we’ve seen so far. However these cones do use a slow burning paper to maximize the length of your session so you get to enjoy both the cone and herb as long as possible.

smoking 1 1 4 brown cones review photos 2 merry jade


Are these easier to roll joints with compared to traditional papers?

The obvious answer to that question is “yes”. These are made for people who love smoking joint but absolutely hate rolling them. I mean how hard is it to simply cut up your bud and then slowly pack into the end of the cone. Rolling a perfect joint only takes a few minutes and if you have zero rolling experience you’re going to end up with a perfect bat every single time.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to spin the perfect joint without the frustration or mess of a manual roll then you’ll find this product very easy to use.

smoking 1 1 4 brown cones review photos 3 merry jade


Price will vary depending on where you order. We’ve seen the individual boxes priced between $3.99 and $5.99 (for 6 cones) whereas a full case might cost between $40 and $65.

Are they worth the money? That really comes down to personal preference.

As mentioned already, if you love smoking joints and can’t roll but still want to control what bud goes in then these are perfect. On the flip side, if you have no issues rolling then you’ll more than likely prefer to save the money and just grab a pack of papers. That being said, if you’re looking for brown or unbleached cones then we think Smoking brand is more then sufficient and we have no doubt they’ll do the job nicely.

Smoking 1 1/4" brown cones use unbleached ultra-thin paper and cost between $3.99 and $5.99 (for 6 pack). These are ideal for people who love smoking joints, can’t roll them but still want to control what bud they smoke. However if know how to roll then you'll likely want to save the money and just grab a pack of regular papers which will last longer.
  • Price ($3.99 for 6 cones)
  • Unbleached ultra-thin paper
  • Environmentally sustainable process
  • Only 6 cones per pack
  • Not available direct from manufacturer
  • Difficult to find in some areas
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