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Smoking Deluxe King Size Rolling Papers Review

Smoking's Deluxe King Size are ultra-thin rolling papers made from high quality pulp and designed to burn slowly.

When we started reviewing rolling papers a few months ago the Smoking brand was a company nobody in our group had heard of before. Yet here we are with Smoking Deluxe King Size Rolling Papers.

We’ve learned that not only do they offer quality rolling papers, but they create a number of different categories and sizes to pretty much meet the demands of any smoker. Today we’re looking at their King Size Deluxe which is classed as ultra-thin.

Let’s see how these compare with Smoking’s Thinnest Kings and Futurola’s King Slims.

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This product reminded us of Rizla (if you’re familiar with that company) as the paper had a similar feel in terms of thickness and consistency.

These Deluxe Kings are categorized as ultra-thin because the paper measures an impressive 13 gr/m2 in thickness. As you would expect, the paper is also FSC certified which stands for Forest Stewardship Council and demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability. Although not the thinnest offered by this company, the Deluxe was still constructed to burn slowly without producing much flavour so they don’t dilute the cannabis taste.

Smoking also uses a 100% natural vegetable gum line (additive free) instead of lower quality glue and other adhesives found in cheaper quality products.

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You shouldn’t have any issues rolling with these papers.

If you’re a new roller then just remember the paper is very thin so it can rip and tear very easily which means take your time and you’ll end up rolling a perfect joint. If you prefer to taste your bud and not the paper while you smoke then it’s worth going slow and steady.

Experienced rollers will have no issues with these.

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It’s unfortunate you can’t buy these directly from the manufacturer’s website. The only option you have is to hunt around at third party headshops or Amazon.

We did some digging around and found Smoking Deluxe King Size Rolling Papers available for between $59.99 and $65.99 (USD) per box. Each box contains 50 booklets with 33 leaves inside each – not a bad price when you compare with competing brands.

Overall Smoking is a good brand and we feel their papers burn better then Greengo’s King rolling papers. However I have the same concern about these Deluxe as their past products which is I can’t see myself spending this much time trying to find and order them every month especially when other brands are easier to find. If that doesn’t bother you then you’re really going to enjoy their product line.

Smoking Paper’s Deluxe King Size are sold in cases of 50 booklets with each booklet containing 33 leaves. You can’t order these directly from the manufacturer so you’ll need to check third party locations like Amazon where cases sell for $59.99 to $65.99 plus shipping. They burned nice and slowly with very little paper taste so if you're looking for ultra-thin King size papers these are worth checking out.
  • FSC certified paper
  • Natural gum line
  • Similar to Rizla
  • Only 33 papers per booklet
  • Price point (50 booklets for $63.99)
  • Hard to find locally
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