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Smoking Thinnest Brown Medium Rolling Papers Review

Smoking Paper's Thinnest Brown Mediums are 20% thinner than many competing rolling papers in addition to being FSC-certified.

Today we’re looking at another category of rolling paper from Smoking Brand – their Thinnest Brown Medium.

From what we could dig up online about Smoking Thinnest Brown Medium Rolling Papers, it’s apparently the unbleached version of the Thinnest Medium rolling paper which we reviewed a few months back and thought was good. Those wraps were some of the thinnest we’ve seen as you could nearly see through them. Great to maximize your buds flavour but also very easy to tear when spinning.

Let’s see how they compare to Pure Hemp’s regular unbleached or Moon’s unbleached papers which is a brand not many are familiar with.

smoking thinnest brown medium rolling papers unbleached review photos 1 merry jade


In terms of how these paper felt, they definitely reminded us of the RAW brand which is not a bad thing when you stop and think about it.

Each measured 77mm x 44mm and were an incredible 10 g/m2 (grams per square metre) making them both extremely thin but also surprisingly strong. The paper used is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which assures all trees harvested have be done so according to their strictly enforced guidelines. This includes an eco-friendly processing system they follow during manufacturing and glue made of 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives.

smoking thinnest brown medium rolling papers unbleached review photos 2 merry jade


From our own experience we find thicker rolling papers are easier to roll with compared to an equivalent size ultra thin.

Of course that doesn’t mean one is better than the other as that really comes down to user preference. However when you’re using very thin papers its not uncommon to lose several from the booklet just from rips and tears as this can often happen easily.

These were suppose to be the unbleached version of Smoking’s Thinnest Medium, but they felt thicker and reminded us of something closer to a RAW rolling paper. If you’re familiar with the Thinnest Medium category from Smoking then you’ll know what we’re talking about as those papers were some of the thinnest we’re come across recently.

smoking thinnest brown medium rolling papers unbleached review photos 3 merry jade


Smoking Paper’s Thinnest Brown Mediums are sold in cases of 25 booklets with each 50 leaves in each.

Unfortunately you can’t order these directly from the manufacturer’s website so you’ll need to check third party locations including Amazon. We searched around and found them for $39.99 USD a case plus shipping so you’ll probably be paying the same.

If you prefer a thin paper that is also unbleached then you’re going to love the Thinnest Brown category by Smoking. However if those factors are not that important to you then you’ll probably want to look for a different rolling paper category. Even though this was a solid product, we actually preferred Smoking’s Regular Brown papers just a little bit more.

Smoking Paper's Thinnest Brown Medium are unbleached and an incredible 10 g/m2 (grams per square metre) making them thin and transparent but also surprisingly strong. If you preference is a rolling paper that's unbleached and very thin then you’re going to enjoy this category from the Smoking brand.
  • Unbleached paper
  • Natural gum adhesive
  • Certified by FSC
  • Only 50 leaves per booklet
  • Paper can tear easily
  • Difficult to find in some areas
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