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Spinach Sensi Star Review

Sensi Star from Spinach is a classic indica strain strain known for thick layers of crystal trichomes that seem to glisten against the dark green and purple buds.

The origins of Spinach Sensi Star are somewhat of a mystery.

Many growers speculate it has Afghani landrace ancestry but no conclusive genetics have ever been shared. This is probably irrelevant anyway because Sensi Star achieved legendary status a long time ago. Known for it’s potent high, this classic indica strain delivers a feeling of total relaxation and sedation from head-to-toe. Typically Sensi Star buds range from dark green to purple hues, combined with fiery light pistils and a glaze of trichomes making it as pleasant to look at as smoke.

We reviewed 7Acres Sensi Star no long ago and liked it, so how does Spinach’s version compare?

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As of the writing of this post we’ve only reviewed a single Spinach product and it was anything but enjoyable so we have high hopes that our first encounter was a one off. The product arrived is a small white plastic container with easy to open top. Popping the lid off released an excitingly strong, almost potent sweet and sour lemon aroma. It was strong enough that we could almost taste it! Impressive start.


Visually Spinach’s Sensi Star will not blow you away. The contents really looked about average and unfortunately the container did not include a moisture pack or terpene shield. The buds were were all quite small (popcorn size) and were very dense and dry leaving shake in the bottom of the container. In terms of colour, the buds were a sickly olive green overall tone and a bit stemmy. However there was an obvious but thin layer of glaze-like trichomes.


Although not as pronounced as the aroma, the flavour carries the same deliciousness with the soft sweet and sour citrusy lemon taste. We did find this a bit harsh to smoke particularly the more you consume. The dryness definitely had a negative impact on the smoothness.


Sensi Star from Spinach is a great product. This was a really good experience and MUCH better compared to their blueberry strain. But their Sensi Star strain delivers a strong high that is very enjoyable for generating a mild heightened sense of mental awareness while still being moderately mellowed body-wise. You can expect a strong relaxing buzz and best of all you can get it for quite a low price. However we still prefer Spinach’s GMO Cookies and their exclusive Atomic Sour Grapefruit more if we had to pick a favourite indica from this brand.

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Sensi Star from Spinach is a really affordable indica that offers quite a bit of bang for your buck. This product delivers a strong high that is very enjoyable for generating a mild heightened sense of mental awareness while still being moderately mellowed body-wise. If you're looking for a strong buzz at a low cost then check this one out but just remember it's a bit harsh.
  • Delicious sweet & sour lemon aroma and taste
  • Low price point
  • Strong relaxing high
  • No moisture pack
  • Very dry buds (harsh to smoke)
  • Appearance doesn't do it justice
Smell - 8.1
Appearance - 7
Flavour - 7
Experience - 7.2
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  1. Really finding this site useful. More than anything the bud photos are really help because I’m finding what the dispensaries show online versus what actually you get varies a lot! Keep it up guys, already have found a few great recommendations.


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