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Spinach Sonic Lemon Fuel Review

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and prepare for a cannabis extravaganza unlike any other! Imagine a world where lemons collide with skunk and gas in a mind-bending fusion of flavours and effects. So, grab your favourite snacks, roll up your sleeves, and join us on a wild ride through the lemon-scented wonderland.

Spinach Sonic Lemon Fuel is an exciting sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Sour Diesel and Sage.

Spinach says this one offers a delightful Lemon-y lift-off, featuring intriguing hints of citrus, skunk, and gas. With its fiery red pistils and dominant terpenes like limonene, humulene, and myrcene, this strain reaches new heights. Its lineage, descending from the diesel family, guarantees a powerful impact that surpasses expectations.

As we dive into this experience, we naturally are curious how it will compare to other well-known sativas like Spinach’s Blue Dream or their Pineapple Paradise. Will Sonic Lemon Fuel outshine these respected counterparts or forge its own path?

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Upon opening the plastic container and breaking the security seal, we were greeted by a momentary but noticeable herbal scent that gracefully floated through the air. It was accompanied by a moderately strong citrus aroma that filled the room. The citrus notes carried a revitalizing tang, offering a lively and energizing encounter. This captivating blend of subtle herbal hints and the uplifting presence of citrus created an inviting atmosphere.


The flower arrived in a grass-green plastic container with security lid and to maintain freshness they included an Integra humidity shield. The label on the container provides essential details such as the brand name, product name, flower type, cannabinoid totals, packaged date, weight, lot number, and company contact information, ensuring transparency and easy reference.

Upon opening the container, we discovered buds ranging from tiny to small, tightly packed with a dense structure. The trimming showcased a commendable level of precision, enhancing the overall appearance. The colour was an appealing olive green with occasional rust brown pistils adding subtle accents. A delicate layer of trichomes adorned each bud, hinting at their potential for potent effects.


With anticipation, we rolled our joint and lit it up, eager to savor the taste. Upon inhaling, a distinct and sharp sour citrus note immediately enveloped our senses, delivering a tangy and invigorating experience. The flavour danced on our palates, awakening our taste buds with its vibrant intensity. However, as we exhaled, an even more pronounced lemon flavour took centre stage, reminiscent of a refreshing glass of lemonade. Similar to a lemonade with a hint of tartness, there was a lingering tang that added a touch of complexity to the overall taste. This interplay between the initial sharp sour citrus note upon inhalation and the subsequent lemonade-like exhale created a captivating journey for our taste buds, keeping them engaged and intrigued.


Our container was part of lot number 009545, packaged on March 30, 2023. With a notable THC content of 27.2% and priced at $28.95 for 3.5 grams, we felt this product offered decent value for the money.

After smoking Sonic Lemon Fuel, we experienced an enhanced mental focus that sharpened our attention, accompanied by a mild scattering of our train of thought. The high delivered a pleasant and invigorating buzz, making it ideal for daytime use, wake and bake sessions, or situations requiring heightened mental alertness. If you’re interested in this product and come across it priced below $30, we highly recommend exploring it, especially if you have a preference for citrus strains.

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Spinach's Sonic Lemon Fuel is a sativa-dominant flower created through the crossbreeding of Sour Diesel and Sage. It has dense buds with precise trimming, resulting in an appealing appearance. With its energizing buzz and heightened mental focus, it proves ideal for daytime use and tasks requiring concentration. The refreshing lemonade-like flavour adds an invigorating touch to the experience, although a slight lingering tartness may be present. Priced at $28.95 for 3.5 grams and boasting a THC content of 27.2%, this offering presents an excellent opportunity to indulge in a finely crafted sativa experience.
  • Energizing buzz promotes heightened mental focus
  • Refreshing lemonade-like flavour invigorates the palate
  • Dense buds with precise trim enhance appearance
  • Initial herbal aroma could be more pronounced
  • Limited availability may be challenging to find
  • Buds may be on the smaller side
Smell - 7.4
Appearance - 7.6
Flavour - 7.4
Experience - 7.5
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