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Sticky Greens Disti Sticks Rooty B Infused Pre-Rolls Review

Get ready for a delicious cannabis experience with Disti Sticks, the newest addition to Sticky Greens' lineup which is suppose to deliver a unique blend of flavour and effect unlike any other pre-rolled joint on the market.

Rooty B are pre-rolled joints from Sticky Greens sold under the label Disti Sticks.

Sticky Greens Disti Sticks Rooty B Infused Pre-Rolls are infused with a distillate core in addition to a carefully selected blend of cannabis terpenes, which is suppose to create a tantalizing experience that perfectly matches Sticky Greens’ popular vape flavours. Let’s see how this product compares to Redecan’s Redees Pre-rolls or General Admission’s Infused Peach Ringz.

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The Disti Sticks Rooty B pre-rolls arrived inside a light, creamy brown resealable bag. Upon opening the package and separating the seals, the unmistakable aroma of root beer gummies hits us. The scent was so tempting that we eagerly continued to unseal the package. Once opened, the aroma becomes even more pronounced, reminiscent of root beer foam as if we were just served a fresh root beer soda. The scent is undeniably delicious and adds a new level of anticipation.


The package contained three (3) Rooty B pre-rolls and could comfortably sit in the palm of our hands. The front of the bag displayed essential product details including the brand, product name, type, weight, as well as THC and CBD amounts. Turning the package over, we found a wealth of information presented in a clear and organized manner. The two-step diagram on opening the seal is a helpful addition and makes accessing the pre-rolls quick and easy. The dominant terpenes were listed in order of quantity, and the total percentage is also displayed, giving us an idea of what flavours and aromas to expect. Other details, such as the Infusion Method, Extraction Method, Number and Weight of each unit, contact details, Packaged Date, and Lot Number, are also provided. We appreciate the level of detail presented, but we are left with one question: what strain of flower was used?

Examining the pre-rolls themselves, we notice that they are uniformly rolled and have a consistent length and size with half of the joint being taken up by the filter. At first glance, we were concerned that the pre-rolls were small and may not provide a satisfying smoking experience. However, upon closer inspection, we noted they were infused with distillate as it was seeping through the paper. While the filter takes up a significant portion, we were impressed with how well it was constructed, and think it would be effective in reducing harshness and ensuring a smooth smoking experience.


Upon trying the Rooty B Disti Sticks, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavour. The first puff brought to mind the sensation of sipping on a freshly poured, ice-cold can of root beer with a frothy head, reminiscent of the iconic A&W commercials. The flavour was rich and sweet, with a distinct root beer taste that was not overpowering. The botanical terpenes that were infused in the pre-rolls were matched to Sticky Greens’ popular vape flavours, which created a delicious blend that lingered pleasantly on the tongue after each puff. The flavour profile was consistent throughout each pre-roll, which speaks to the quality of the product.


Our Rooty B Disti Sticks came from Lot Number M33STGRD22C44 which was packaged on December 2, 2022. Listed with 33% THC and a price tag of $25.20 for 1.5 grams (3 x 0.5 gram pre-rolled joints) we feel this product certainly delivered on multiple fronts by design. The pre-rolls are designed with 0.3 grams of flower and 0.2 grams of distillate, which makes a total of 0.5 grams per pre-rolled joint. Upon consumption, we immediately noticed the impact with a fast onset of a potent, heavy-eyed and fatigued body sensation, which was accompanied by a calm and slightly foggy mental state. The effect was intense enough that it could be shared with a friend, provided that you take it slow. Overall, we found the experience to be very satisfying and fulfilling.

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Rooty B Disti Sticks from Sticky Greens are pre-rolled joints that are infused with distillate and botanical terpenes to deliver a delicious root beer flavour. The packaging is informative and detailed, providing a lot of useful information about the product. The smoking experience is potent and delivers a strong, heavy-body sensation accompanied by a calm, slightly foggy mental state. Overall, Rooty B Disti Sticks offer a unique and enjoyable cannabis experience that can be shared with friends.
  • Very strong aroma and flavour profiles
  • Strong and potent effects
  • Detailed package information
  • Limited information on flower strain
  • Small pre-rolls for sharing
  • Price point ($25.20 for 1.5 grams)
Smell - 8.5
Appearance - 7.9
Flavour - 8.1
Experience - 8.6
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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