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Stone Smiths Piccolo Concentrate Vape Pen Review

Piccolo from Stone Smiths is an affordable vaporizer designed specifically for cannabis concentrates like rosin and shatter.

Stone Smiths is a Canadian company that designs high quality yet reasonably priced concentrate vaporizers.

Founded in 2013, they have a passion for engineering cutting-edge products and a strong belief in the many benefits offered by cannabis. Today we’re reviewing Stone Smiths Piccolo which is an affordable and stylish pen-shaped vaporizer made specifically for concentrated extracts like shatter, THC diamonds or rosin.

So how does this portable options compare against traditional rigs?

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Upon initial inspection, the Stone Smiths Piccolo vaporizer immediately impressed us with its high-quality construction and sturdy build. The unit felt durable and well-made in our hands. The device features a magnetic contoured silicone mouth tip and a ceramic heating element with large air intake holes, similar to those found on high-end vape mod tanks.

The design of the vaporizer makes it easy to disassemble and clean, breaking down into three separate pieces. Charging the unit is convenient, as it comes with a micro-USB type connector that can be plugged into any computer or USB hub to charge its 1000mAh battery. An added bonus is the included stainless steel concentrate scooping tool, which has a pointy end and a scoop end to make dealing with messy substances like cured rosin much easier. Overall, the Stone Smiths Piccolo vaporizer is well-built, easy to use and maintain, and thoughtfully designed.

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The Piccolo is easy to handle as it is only 5″ tall (about the size of a Sharpie) and very light which makes the unit quite comfortable to hold. The mouth tip has a nice contour so it feels natural and fits nicely between your lips.

Plus the mouthpiece is magnetic and easily removed from the combustion chamber, after adding your concentrate it snaps back together perfectly because of the magnets. The product design feels very much inspired by Apple which is a great thing.

Using the Piccolo is straightforward:

  • Turn it on
  • Hold button up to 12 seconds to warm up concentrate.
  • Then press and hold again, while inhaling slowly

A slow long haul works best to get a good strong hit. The controls are simple and easy to remember:

  • 5 rapid presses turns the Piccolo on or off
  • 3 rapid presses changes the heat level which starts at green (default setting; medium heat), red (high heat), blue (low heat)

The Piccolo’s battery lasts for a long time – we used it every 20-30 minutes for over 9 hours on the default green heat level and it was still had power at the end. When the battery is finally drained, it only takes 30 mins – 1 hour to fully recharge and be ready again.

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Everyone here at Merry Jade liked using the Piccolo.

The excellent construction, easy to clean components and wonderful product support make grabbing one an easy decision. If you enjoy smoking cannabis concentrated extracts then this might be one of the smoothest ways to enjoy them.

We were surprised by the fast battery recharge (30 minutes – 1 hour) and how economical the device was with the actual concentrate. We added very small amounts at first and these lasted 4 to 5 solid hits before it needed to be topped off.

While it was a bit hard to identify the flavours of the concentrates we used (rosin/shatter), it still delivered an extremely efficient and potent high. We will definitely use the Piccolo more as it’s a great product that’s comfortable to use and provides smooth hits.

Looking forward to what Stone Smiths has planned next.

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The Piccolo Vape Pen from Stone Smiths offers tremendous value for the money. Price at $57.95 it's extremely well made, easy to clean and a very efficient way to consume concentrates. We were actually surprised by how quickly the battery charged and then stayed charged all day long. Plus, you only need to add a small amount of concentrate into the Piccolo as it's designed to last a long time. Although we had trouble distinguishing the flavours of our different concentrates, the Piccolo delivered a potent high to say the least. Given the reasonable price and high quality of construction we definitely recommend checking out this device.
  • Price point ($57.95)
  • Battery life (over 9 hours on single charge)
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Couldn't discern any flavours from our concentrates
  • Mouth pieces gets quite hot after frequent use
  • No storage container for concentrate
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