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Stone Smiths Slash Concentrate Vape Pen Review

The Slash is a stylish vape pen from Stone Smiths that was designed to reduce mess when consuming wax, shatter or other cannabis extracts.

Last week we reviewed Stone Smiths Piccolo vape pen and thought the device offered great value for the price.

So today we’re checking out Stone Smiths Slash which has an innovative top airflow system that forces air to circulate around the bottom of the bowl, providing ultimate flavour and it also prevents clogging of the airflow path.

One thing to note is the price as this device costs nearly double that of the Piccolo. But does it also deliver double the experience?

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Quality of Construction

One of the first things we noticed about the Slash was how solid and well made the unit felt in our hands.

The sleek angled mouth piece rests against your lips quite comfortably and the magnetic top allows quick and easy access to the combustion chamber. It uses a USB-C type connector for charging a 1000mAh battery which can be connected to pretty much any computer or USB docking hub. The high quality constructions makes disassembling and cleaning the various components very simple since it breaks down into three separate pieces.

Aside from the vape pen, Stone Smiths included a large segmented silicone container to store your extracts without mixing them.

The product feels like a great deal of thought was put into the design and creating an ideal vape pen.

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Ease of Use

The Slash is 5″ tall (the size of a Sharpie) and slightly thicker than Stone Smiths Piccolo vape pen. The angled mouthpiece rests comfortably against your lips and doubles as a scoop so you have a mess-free way to add sticky substances like rosin into the ceramic combustion chamber.

Using the Slash is pretty straightforward:

  1. Turn on by pressing the power button 5 times.
  2. Then add your extract and hold button for up to 12 seconds to warm.
  3. Put mouthpiece to lips, press and hold while inhaling slowly.
  4. We find a slow long haul works best.

The control options are easy to remember:

  • 5 rapid presses turns the device on or off.
  • 3 rapid presses changes the heat level starting at green which is medium heat. This can be changed to red (high heat) or blue (low heat).
  • 2 rapid presses starts the auto-mode (12 seconds of heating followed by the automatic shut-off).

One of the most impressive things about Stone Smiths vape pens are the battery life – we used the Slash every 20-30 minutes over a full work day on the default green heat level and the battery still had power left over. Plus, it only takes 30 minutes – 1 hour to fully recharge and be ready to use again.

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Overall Value

The solid construction, easy to clean components and wonderful product support make grabbing a vape pen from Stone Smiths an easy decision. The long battery life, fast recharge and how economical the device is with concentrates are even more good reasons to own this device.

But should you grab the Slash or the Piccolo?

The answer may come down to aesthetics as the Piccolo is available in different colours but the Slash comes in shiny gun metal or stainless steel. The sleek design, magnetic mouthpiece and combo lid + scoop are all great reasons to grab The Slash.

We tested how efficient it was by adding only small amounts of rosin and shatter with each consistently providing 4 to 5 solid hits before requiring more. While identifying the actual flavours was hard, the Slash delivered a potent high in an extremely efficient manner.

Given the price point of under a hundred dollars combined with great quality manufacturing, we feel owning a vape pen from Stone Smiths is an easy decision especially if you enjoy using extracts. We wonder what the Stone Smiths team has up their sleeves next.

In case you’re wondering what’s inside the box:

  • SLASH concentrate vape pen
  • Extra loading tool with a larger air intake
  • Extra silicone mouthpiece
  • USB type C 18″ charging cable
  • Silicone portable dab / concentrate container
  • Heat protector band
stonesmiths slash review vape photos 4 merryjade
stonesmiths slash review vape photos 5 merryjade
Stone Smiths' Slash is a stylish and portable vape pen designed specifically for concentrated extracts. It's solid construction, easy to clean components and wonderful product support are all great reasons to own one of these devices. Plus it's battery has a long life, recharges very fast and is extremely economical with concentrates. If you're looking for a good quality vape pen for extracts then check out the Slash.
  • Battery lasts over 9 hours and charges fast
  • USB-C charging port for battery
  • Concentrate scoop built into bottom of lid
  • Small airholes reduce airflow intake speed
  • Mouthpiece not as comfortable as Piccolo
  • Scoop under lid needs to be longer
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