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Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter, occasionally referred to as "Apple Fritters," is a hybrid strain with an even 50/50 balance.

The exact genetic lineage of the strain isn't precisely defined, but the consensus points towards a fusion of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. This cannabis cultivar boasts a hefty THC concentration that typically fluctuates between 18-24%, whereas its CBD levels hover around a modest 0.38-0.65%.

Plus, this flower was a contender on High Times' 2016 “World's Strongest Strains” list, Apple Fritter is celebrated for its powerful effects and tantalizing taste that leaves consumers longing for the next puff.

The aesthetic is striking with its dark olive green buds characterized by deep purple undertones. This strain is adorned with vibrant orange hairs and a frosting of tiny, white crystal trichomes that enhance its allure.

This strain is rich in a variety of terpenes, including Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Limonene, Phellandrene, and Caryophyllene. Pinene lends a refreshing pine aroma, while Myrcene contributes to the herbaceous undertones. Ocimene and Limonene add a citrus twist to the bouquet, whereas Phellandrene introduces a minty note. Caryophyllene, on the other hand, imparts a spicy, peppery scent, creating a complex fragrance profile.

One whiff of Apple Fritter strain reveals a sweet fruity apple aroma with a hint of herbal nuances. On the palate, its flavor mirrors its scent - the taste buds are treated to a super sweet fruity apple delight followed by a subtly cakey vanilla finish reminiscent of a fresh-baked apple fritter.

The experience commences nearly instantaneously after the first exhale, filling the mind with an uplifting rush that instantly dispels negative or intrusive thoughts. As the cerebral high ascends, a soothing body high engulfs you, mitigating muscle tension and fostering a state of profound relaxation and harmony with your surroundings.

Thanks to its potent THC levels and these effects, Apple Fritter is popular among those seeking relief from conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, depression, mood swings, and chronic stress, according to numerous Apple Fritter reviews.

Fans of the Apple Fritter strain might also find the Berry Pie strain intriguing. Despite being a pure sativa, enthusiasts suggest a certain kinship between the two in terms of their aftertaste and effects. While every strain's experience can vary, the Apple Fritter strain information paints a picture of a cannabis cultivar that excels in both flavor and therapeutic potential.

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Flavor & Aroma Apple, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla
Top Effect Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Tingly, Uplifting
Potency Strong - Very Strong
THC 18 - 24%

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