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Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush is a pure-bred indica strain whose ancestry traces straight back to the renowned Kush lineage. This iconic cannabis strain earns its name from its decidedly sylvan flavour profile and its remarkably adhesive nature.

The distinct look of Pine Tar Kush is characterized by its compact, vividly green nugs, which are only intermittently interrupted by sparse, slender orange hairs. A substantial sprinkling of frosty gold trichomes adorns these nugs, accompanied by a noticeably thick layer of resin, giving the buds a nearly dew-kissed look.

The aroma of this strain is delightfully complex. Initially, it greets you with a deep, skunky sweetness tinged with the unmistakable notes of citrus-infused kush. This is then underscored by a smell that is uniquely reminiscent of a pine forest, adding an extra layer to its sensory appeal.

On the flavour front, Pine Tar Kush delivers an earthy, pine-infused profile that subtly evolves into a woody, citrusy note upon exhalation. This flavour matures and takes on a slightly spicy undertone the more you indulge, making every puff a sensory journey.

In terms of its terpene composition, this flower has an intricate blend that includes Carene, Myrcene, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene. Each of these terpenes contribute distinct characteristics to the strain. Carene provides a sweet, pungent aroma, while Myrcene imparts a herbal, earthy note. Geraniol introduces a floral touch, Limonene adds a citrusy brightness, Linalool promotes a lavender hint, and Caryophyllene infuses a spicy, peppery tone.

Experiencing Pine Tar Kush's effects is like embarking on an adventure. The initial uplift in mood it provides is both euphoric and focusing, creating a blissful mental state. As the high intensifies, a soothing sensation begins at the back of your head, slowly spreading through the neck, and ultimately permeating your entire body. This gentle buzz may lead you towards drowsiness, inviting a peaceful sleep, but not before stirring an insatiable hunger that will have you searching for the nearest snack.

For these reasons, this strain is often employed to alleviate certain medical conditions. It can potentially be beneficial for managing mild to moderate depression, insomnia, and muscle spasms. It may also stimulate appetite in those who struggle with eating.

For further Pine Tar Kush strain information and Pine Tar Kush strain reviews, research is readily available online. If the unique characteristics of Pine Tar Kush appeal to you, similar strains worth considering might include Bubba Kush and Master Kush, which also offer a rich, earthy flavour profile, and powerful, soothing effects.

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Flavor & Aroma Citrus, Kush, Pine, Skunky, Sweet, Diesel, Woody
Top Effect Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Potency Very Strong
THC 18 - 22%

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