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Pink Kush

Pink Kush is an indica-dominant strain widely believed to be a descendent of the iconic OG Kush, a highly acclaimed variety within the cannabis lineage. While the precise genetic connection remains a mystery, it is deeply rooted in the OG Kush ancestry.

When it comes to its physical attributes, this flower stands out with its green buds that are elegantly adorned by pinkish hair-like features, accentuating its name. The dense and resiny nuggets are truly a spectacle, giving it an enticing and appealing look.

Diving into its terpene profile, Pink Kush is rich in Myrcene, Limonene, Geraniol, and Phellandrene. Myrcene, a major terpene in cannabis, is known for its earthy aroma and calming properties. Limonene contributes a refreshing, citrusy scent and is known for its mood-enhancing and stress-alleviating effects. Geraniol imparts a floral, rosy fragrance and may provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Lastly, Phellandrene lends a peppermint-like aroma, possibly contributing to an energetic, uplifting effect.

Pink Kush's scent is an aromatic fusion of pine, wood, and flowers, striking a balance between nature and sweetness. The flavor profile doesn't stray far from the aroma, providing a similar woodsy and floral experience, making every puff a delightful pleasure.

Pink Kush reviews suggest the strain's effects lean towards the heavier, body-focused end of the spectrum, offering intense euphoria, a sense of tranquillity, and an occasional bout of the munchies. The sativa/indica ratio seems to skew heavily towards indica, with estimates as high as 90% indica to 10% sativa. This denotes a strain heavily oriented towards physical effects, rather than cerebral stimulation.

Despite the low availability of THC tests, the Pink Kush strain information indicates a high THC percentage that may exceed 20%. This suggests a strain potent in its effects, ideally suited for seasoned users. However, its CBD levels are noted to be less than 1%, making it less suitable for conditions responsive to CBD, such as epileptic disorders.

As a potent therapeutic tool, Pink Kush can be useful for a variety of medical conditions. It might provide relief from anxiety, depression, inflammation, migraines, chronic pain, and other mood disorders. Furthermore, its appetite-stimulating qualities can assist those struggling with a lack of appetite, and its deeply calming effects may help insomniacs find a restful night's sleep.

It's popularity is predominantly rooted in the legal markets of Canada and the Pacific Northwest. If you're a fan of Pink Kush, you might also enjoy strains such as Skywalker Kush, which share similar calming and physical effects.

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Flavor & Aroma Berry, Candy, Sweet, Vanilla, Earthy, Floral
Top Effect Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Potency Strong - Very Strong
THC 16 - 25%

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