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Tantalus Labs Coastal Sage Review

Unearth the symphony of flavours with Coastal Sage by Tantalus Labs—a captivating sativa-dominant hybrid that promises a blend like no other. Dive deep into its lineage, savor its unique aroma, and let's unravel if this gem truly stands tall in the bustling cannabis market. Ready for a journey of discovery? Our detailed review awaits.

Tantalus Labs Coastal Sage is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Zeta (OG Kush x S.A.G.E.) with Sour Diesel.

What really makes Coastal Sage resonate? Its flavour profile: a captivating dance of zesty lime and robust fuel, accentuated by soft whispers of sandalwood and sage. Taking inspiration from its ancestry – the Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium (S.A.G.E) – Coastal Sage promises a balanced yet potent experience.

But how does it fare against other contenders in the market? We’re putting it head-to-head with Tam Tams’ version of Coastal Sage. Scroll down to check out our in-depth review, complimented with ratings and visuals.

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Upon opening the glass jar, we were instantly met with a robust wave of zesty lime. This bright aroma took centre stage, but as we delved deeper, hints of pine subtly made their presence known. Together, these scents danced in harmony, with the lime’s vivacity beautifully contrasted by pine’s classic undertones. This tantalizing aroma didn’t just spark our interest—it amplified our eagerness to explore further.


The presentation of Coastal Sage by Tantalus Labs is nothing short of meticulous. Housed in a UV-protected, dark-tinted glass jar, each detail on the label is crafted thoughtfully. From basics like brand and product names to finer points such as THC, CBD percentages, total terpenes, and even a breakdown of prominent terpenes—all are neatly displayed. A tiny hiccup? The excise stamp could potentially overlap some label details, but it’s a minor fix.

Upon opening the container, a humidity shield greeted us, underscoring their dedication to preserving freshness. The buds? A lively green, varying in size from petite to grande. Brown pistil hairs garnish these buds, which exhibit a soft sponginess—a nod to decent trimming. And while the trichome layer might appear scant, a sticky residue upon contact hinted at the fact this one might be difficult to grind.


Grinding the sticky Coastal Sage required a gentle touch, tackled best in small batches. Once milled and rolled into a joint, lighting it up was a true testament to its aroma. The lime notes, pronounced in scent, stood out in taste too, beautifully rounded off with a soft pine backdrop. The flavour journey was not just reminiscent of its aroma but exceeded our past experience with this strain, offering pure pleasure with every puff.


Our jar was part of lot number 567 and was packaged on December 14, 2022, it also carried an impressive THC level of 21.97%. Priced at $36.95 per 3.5 grams, we found its aroma and taste truly delivered value. Price-wise, it sits within the average bracket, but the thoughtful touch of glass packaging with a humidity shield stands out. These efforts kept the flower at its prime, offering us a sensory treat.

While a punchier high might have elevated the session, the resulting effect was just right. A soft mental cloudiness coupled with a soothing bodily calm culminated in a serene state of ease and peace.

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Coastal Sage by Tantalus Labs is a sativa-dominant hybrid birthed from the fusion of Zeta and Sour Diesel, priced competitively at $36.95 for 3.5 grams. It boasts an impressive THC content of 21.97% and offers a pronounced lime and pine flavour profile. Thoughtfully housed in a glass container with a humidity shield, it ensures optimal freshness. However, consumers should note its stickiness requiring careful grinding and its mild high, which may not be punchy enough for some. Despite minor drawbacks like the excise stamp potentially overlapping label details, Coastal Sage delivers a harmonious blend of aroma and taste, resulting in an overall serene experience.
  • Thoughtful glass packaging with humidity shield
  • Distinct lime and pine flavor profile
  • Soft mental cloudiness and bodily calm
  • Lacked a robust, punchy high
  • Trichome layer appears deceptively scant
  • Average market price, no notable discount
Smell - 7.8
Appearance - 7.1
Flavour - 7.7
Experience - 7.6
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