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Terpineol is a terpene occurring naturally in hundreds of plants, including cannabis, lilacs, pine trees, lime blossoms, and eucalyptus sap. In some studies, Terpineol has been shown to decrease motility in mice, making some connect this terpene to the couch-lock effects of certain cannabis strains. It’s potential medical benefits include antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-tumor, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial and anxiolytic. Below you will find our cannabis strain reviews with Terpineol.

original stash powdered donuts review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.4 Cooked

Original Stash OS.ONE Powdered Donuts Review

Powdered Donuts form Original Stash is a hybrid with Jet Fuel Gelato and Orange Cookies lineage. It’s parents share many traits with famous cultivars like OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, California...

sugarbud gmo cookies review cannabis photos 4 merry jade 1 8.2 Blazed 7 Cooked User Avg

Sugarbud GMO Cookies Review & Cannabis Photos

Last year we reviewed Krypto Chronic #2 from Sugarbud and were pleasantly surprised. Today we’re checking out their GMO Cookies strain which is an indica-dominant flower that was made when Girl ...

ghost drops first class funk review cannabis photos 5 merryjade 8 Blazed 6.5 High User Avg

Ghost Drops First Class Funk Review & Cannabis Photos

Earlier this week we reviewed Z-Splitter from Ghost Drops and thought it was pretty solid so today we’re checking out their other strain… First Class Funk. This potent hybrid flower was cr...

cali pink diamonds review cannabis photos 5 merryjade 8.5 Blazed 7.8 Cooked User Avg

Cali Pink Diamonds Review & Cannabis Photos

We’re familiar with Cali’s Big Budda Cheese and their Garlic Cookies strain but today we’re reviewing Pink Diamonds which is their first AAAAA classified flower. This high THC strain...

aurora cannabis ghost train haze review and photos sativa cannibros 6.9 High

Aurora Ghost Train Haze Review & Cannabis Photos

Aurora Cannabis describes Ghost Train Haze as being a high-THC sativa dominant strain with light green buds and a strong aroma. The terpene mix of terpinolene, limonene, and myrcenepungent produces a ...

color cannabis black sugar rose review photos 7.9 Cooked

Color Cannabis Black Sugar Rose Review & Photos

Black Sugar Rose was created by crossing Critical Mass and Black Domina. Color Cannabis describes this cultivar as having high amounts of THC, dark green buds that are densely coated in amber trichome...

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