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The Green Organic Dutchman TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC Review

Get ready to sink into your sofa and treat your senses with Organic Gold Butter MAC from TGOD - the unique hybrid strain that will have you craving that roasted-cream flavour long after your smoke sesh is over.

TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC is an indica-dominant flower that was created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath with the delicious MAC-1.

The end result is supposedly a cultivar that boasts pungent, frosty buds with a smooth and creamy roasted flavour. Slowly dried and cured to perfection, TGOD says this high-THC strain produces sticky, large, floral buds that deliver a consistent and easy-burning experience. Let’s see how it compares to TGOD’s GG#4 or the very popular MAC-1 from Fraser Valley.

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The Green Organic Dutchman aka TGOD is apparently going to rebrand in the near future to BZAM however this product still arrived in their traditional green glass slanted container. As we unscrewed the lid and broke the security seal, we were greeted with an aroma that was both intriguing and unique. At first whiff, we were struck by the rich and buttery smell, reminiscent of freshly popped popcorn. But there was more to the scent than just buttery goodness. Upon further inspection, we noted a subtle herbal undertone, adding a layer of complexity to the overall aroma.

While the scent was not overpowering, it was certainly noticeable and had us eager to dive deeper into this strain. We couldn’t help but wonder how the scent would translate into the flavour and effects of the flower. As we prepared to take our first hit, we braced ourselves for a taste experience that was sure to be just as intriguing as the aroma. Overall, the initial impression of the smell left us excited and eager to explore what other surprises this strain had in store.


The tinted glass container not only adds a touch of sophistication, but also helps protect the buds from harmful light exposure. We were impressed with the appearance the moment we opened the container and happy to find a humidity shield inside the container as well, ensuring that the buds remained fresh and moist. The label on the container was informative and thorough, providing all the necessary details about the product. It included the brand name, product name, THC and CBD totals, terpene percentage, dominant terpenes, weight, contact information, lot number, and packaged date. It was clear they take pride in their product and want customers to be well-informed.

The buds themselves looked nice and spongy with three medium-sized nugs that emerged from the container, each one absolutely covered in trichomes. The frosty coating of crystals gave the buds a shimmering, almost iridescent quality. They were slightly spongy to the touch and had a leafy appearance, with lots of caramel-coloured pistil hairs weaving their way through each bud. While the buds were undeniably beautiful, we did notice that the trim job could have been a little closer. There were some stray leaves and stems that detracted slightly from the overall appearance. Nevertheless, the abundance of trichomes and vibrant pistil hairs more than made up for any minor imperfections.


The aroma had us eager to discover what this strain had in store in terms of flavour. After grinding up the dried flower and rolling into a joint, we were excited to take our first puff and explore the taste experience. As we took our first inhale, we were hit with a strong black pepper note that was both spicy and pungent. The black pepper taste was immediately recognizable and unmistakable, and it quickly melted into a citrusy lemon note that provided a bright and refreshing contrast to the initial spiciness. The balance between the two flavours was impressive, with the black pepper dominating the profile at a ratio of about 60 to 40.

Despite the enjoyable profile, we did notice a bit of harshness on our throats. This may be due in part to the sugar leaves that weren’t trimmed, which can be a common cause of harshness in some strains. It’s worth noting that we’ve had a lot of different MAC strains before, and we can confidently say that this one is the real deal. The flavour was unique and memorable, and we found ourselves coming back to this strain time and time again for its delicious taste.


Our container was part of lot number 017612 and packaged on November 7, 2022. With a THC content of 33.6% and a price tag of $37.95 for 3.5 grams, we enjoyed the experience offered by this high-THC strain. From the very first hit, we could feel the potency as the effect came on strong as it produced a sedentary sensation that was accompanied by a mental lag or slowness, making our responses slower than usual. This effect was long-lasting and left us feeling relaxed and unwound, making it a great choice for those looking to unwind after a long day. While the potency of the strain was impressive, we were a bit surprised that the effect was not stronger, given the THC level indicated on the label.

Organic Gold Butter MAC from TGOD provided a potent and enjoyable experience that left us feeling relaxed and satisfied. The sedentary physical effect combined with the mental slowness made for a pleasurable and long-lasting experience that we would recommend to anyone looking for a powerful indica-dominant strain.

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Organic Gold Butter MAC from TGOD is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a smooth, roasted-cream flavour profile dominated by black pepper with a citrusy lemon note at the end. The strain delivers a strong physical sedentary effect coupled with a mental lag or slowness. We enjoyed the experience and recommend trying this strain for those seeking a unique and potent option with a smooth taste.
  • Unique hybrid strain
  • Strong physically focused high
  • Familiar MAC flavour
  • Trim job could be better
  • Price point ($37.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • Harsh smoke due to sugar leaves
Smell - 7.4
Appearance - 8.1
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.9
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