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Thumbs Up Brand Amnesia x Super Haze (Outlaw) Review

Thumbs Up Brand presents Amnesia x Super Haze (sometimes called Outlaw) which is a sativa-dominant strain with high THC potential.

Thumbs Up Brand Amnesia x Super Haze is a plant that was created by crossing the popular Haze strain, Super Haze and Amnesia with the end result being an almost pure sativa.

This particular strain is commonly known as “Outlaw” and was originally bred by Dutch Passion (a leader in cannabis genetics) but now is widely grown by many cultivators. Amnesia x Super Haze’s fresh earthy scent with a lemon tang is the result of a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene. This is the second product from Thumbs Up Brand we’ve reviewed – the first being Garlic Z and the third Pink Cookies x Kush Mints. So how does Amnesia x Super Haze from Thumbs Up Brand compare to their other strains?

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The product arrived in an industry standard white bag with resealable top. We actually did not know what to expect from this strain so we were very curious to crack open the bag. Once the package was opened, we noticed a strong sweet lemon smell which after some time best resembles sour keys candy. Definitely a strong sweet citrus aroma.


With 3 nice large buds, it was easy to study them in more detail. Although they have a slightly fluffy look they were actually the opposite; quite dense and spongy with a sticky touch. The green leaves and brown hairs both have a dark shade and when we examined the bud close-up it’s sparkling coating of trichomes and dark pistils became very apparent.


In all the reviews we’ve done so far we haven’t really had a super strong lemony flavoured bud… and unfortunately we still don’t. However that is okay because Amnesia x Super Haze from Thumbs Up Brand does have is a very strong sweet flavour with sour-key undertone. It reminded us of a citrus flavoured candy.


Listed with a THC percentage of 24.19%, we felt like Thumbs Up Brand’s Amnesia x Super Haze provided a great high. This product is wonderful for day time use as it doesn’t make you feel sleepy or tired. It has a strong mentally energizing type of high which includes a moderately physical relaxing body effect that isn’t too strong. We could see how this strain – known to others as ‘Outlaw’ – would be popular with new and experienced smokers since it generates a calm awareness while being at peace. We enjoyed this version more then Redecan’s Outlaw strain but recommend you try it out for yourself.

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thumbs up brand amensia x super haze review cannabis photos 3 cannibros
thumbs up brand amensia x super haze review cannabis photos 4 cannibros

Amnesia x Super Haze from Thumbs Up Brand is a great product with sweet citrus aroma and a flavour that reminded us of sour-key candies. Visually this product looks great with dark buds and a thick layer of trichomes. Plus it delivers a strong sativa high that left us feel energized with only a moderately strong body buzz. Given the reasonable price we recommend trying this one.
  • Very photogenic
  • Great day time high
  • Moisture pack
  • Avoid if you dislike sour key candy
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Flavour and smell could be stronger
Smell - 7.4
Appearance - 8.1
Flavour - 7.8
Experience - 8.1
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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