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Thumbs Up Brand Garlic Z Review

Garlic Z by Thumbs Up Brand is a high THC, classic Indica-dominant flower. Bred from Afghani genetics, the strain is a cross of Garlic Cookies and OZ Kush.

Thumbs Up Brand Garlic Z may not sound appealing, but other garlic strains like GMO Cookies are quite wonderful, so let’s dig in and see what we get.

Garlic Z is described as being hang-dried and hand-manicured strain with a very high total terpene content. Three dominant terpenes are listed as Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene which combine to give Garlic Z a distinctly unique flavour and aroma. How does Thumbs Up Brand’s Garlic Z compare to their Pink Cookies x Kush Mints strain?

Check our review, rating and photos below.

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When the package arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the blue bag it came in. Despite the weight of the product, the bag was spacious and featured a convenient resealable top, ensuring freshness and ease of use.

As we opened the bag, a unique aroma greeted us, confirming its name, Garlic Z. The scent was intriguing and unlike anything we had experienced before. A subtle hint of garlic permeated the air, creating an unusual yet captivating aroma that piqued our curiosity.

The presence of garlic in a cannabis strain was a pleasant surprise, as it added a distinct character to the overall experience. The delicate nature of the garlic scent was noteworthy, as it didn’t overpower the senses but rather complemented the natural fragrance of the cannabis buds.


Right from the first glance, it’s evident that Garlic Z has a distinct appearance that sets it apart from other strains. The buds exhibit a unique charm that catches the eye and sparks curiosity. They are noticeably small, yet beautifully compact and delicately fluffy, giving them an appealing visual appeal.

The colour was a captivating olive-green shade, with a touch of lightness that adds to their overall allure. Unlike many other strains, Garlic Z’s buds feature a striking absence of orange pistils, which are typically seen intermingled with the green foliage. This absence adds to the strain’s individuality and gives it a clean, streamlined appearance.

The buds’ size, along with their fluffy texture, contributes to their exceptional visual appeal. This unique combination creates an aesthetic that is both visually pleasing and intriguing. When examining the buds closely, you can appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into their cultivation.


After smoking this strain, we were greeted with a bold and distinctive taste that left a lasting impression. The flavour profile of Garlic Z can be best described as a delightful combination of pepper and cloves, reminiscent of a creamy garlic dip.

The strong presence of pepper adds a zesty and slightly spicy element to the taste. It brings a subtle heat that awakens the palate and adds depth to each inhale. The cloves, on the other hand, contribute a unique aromatic quality that perfectly complements the peppery notes. This combination of flavours creates a harmonious balance that is both intriguing and enjoyable.

The overall flavour of Garlic Z may seem unusual at first, but it quickly grows on you, revealing its hidden charms. The reminiscent taste of a creamy garlic dip adds a creamy and savory undertone to the experience, making it even more delectable. It’s a testament to the strain’s ability to surprise and delight with its unconventional yet surprisingly tasty profile.


Listed with THC content of 20.9%, Garlic Z by Thumbs Up delivers a surprisingly unexpected experience. Despite its initially mild scent, this strain proves to be quite tasty and offers a unique journey for cannabis enthusiasts.

The first notable aspect of the experience is the taste that we previously mentioned. The combination of pepper and cloves creates a distinct and enjoyable flavour profile that adds to the overall appeal of Garlic Z. The taste lingers on the palate, enhancing the entire smoking session.

In terms of the high, Garlic Z offers a comfortably mild and clear experience. The effects are not overpowering or overwhelming, but rather provide a balanced and pleasant high. It offers a smooth and manageable experience that allows for relaxation and a clear-headed state of mind.

However, it’s worth noting that while Garlic Z provides an enjoyable experience, our preference leans towards Thumbs Up’s Amnesia x Super Haze strain. The overall experience with Amnesia x Super Haze was notably smoother, offering a more seamless and immersive journey.

Nonetheless, Garlic Z remains a solid choice for those seeking a strain that combines unique flavour, a comfortably mild high, and a touch of novelty. Its distinctive characteristics make it a memorable option for both experienced users and those looking to explore new horizons.

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Garlic Z by Thumbs Up offers a unique and intriguing cannabis experience. The mild smell of garlic emanates from the olive-green, small, and fluffy buds, setting it apart visually. When smoked, the flavour profile surprises with a bold combination of pepper and cloves, akin to a creamy garlic dip. This curious flavour blend adds to the overall appeal of the strain. Additionally, Garlic Z provides a comfortably mild high that keeps the mind clear and allows for relaxation. Overall, this strain offers a distinctive and enjoyable journey for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a novel taste and a balanced experience.
  • Impressive garlic flavor
  • Pleasant clear mild high
  • Buds look edible
  • Mild scent
  • Lacks vibrant color
  • Unique taste may not be appreciated by all
Smell - 6.3
Appearance - 7
Flavour - 6.9
Experience - 7.4
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  1. Best indica I’ve ever had, after 30 years of smoking this ones #1

    • I haven’t tried this one in a while, we should review again it sounds like its been improved.


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