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Tribal Cuban Linx Review

Cuban Linx from Tribal is a sativa-dominant strain with a lemony citrus aroma with hints of gassy diesel.

Tribal Cuban Linx is a sativa hybrid that was created when TK Skunk was crossed with Trigerian.

The primary terpenes includes Limonene and Farnesene which are reported to have a very strong lemony smell that is further amplified by hints of gassy diesel and spice. Tribal’s growers say the buds are quite large and the shape resembles corn on the cob. It will be interesting to see how this flower compares to Tribal’s Gelato Mint or their Galactic Rntz strain.

tribal cuba linx review cannabis photos 1 merry jade


The product arrived in a black nitrogen sealed container with a resealable lid. As soon as we peeled back the tin cover, the room was flooded with a sweet citrus aroma that made our taste buds go crazy with excitement. Cuban Linx will win you over as soon as you get a deep inhale of a well balanced lemon and lime explosion.


Coming in a black, nitrogen-filled tuna can, the terpene percentage, THC percentage, harvest date as well as package date were clearly listed. The actual bud was a beautiful green tone that was coated in orange pistils with a very thick trichome layer. They were also quite long and thin which made them resemble finger nugs. Plus we discovered just how sticky they were when we tried to break them apart.


Strong citrus and lime flavours on the inhale with a sweet lemon on the exhale and aftertaste. Smoking this strain tasted like a fresh cold glass of sweet sweet lemonade on a hot summer day. A little dangerous considering you’ll want to smoke more than you probably should.


Listed with 24.6% THC content and a price tag of $29.95 for 3.5 grams, we found Tribal Cuban Linx to be a perfect daytime smoke or wake & bake; basically when you want to get high but remain functional and avoid that groggy come down. After smoking, it definitely felt like a cup of coffee with an uplifting, surge of giggles and positive vibes. Cuban came in with a bang and put us in a creative, euphoric state of mind. Given the reasonable price and excellent high we recommend checking this one out.

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tribal cuba linx review cannabis photos 3 merry jade

Cuban Linx from Tribal is a sativa-dominant strain with strong lemony lime aroma and flavour. Listed with 24.6% THC at a cost of $29.95 for 3.5 grams, we found it delivered an excellent daytime experience; when you want to get high, remain functional and avoid that groggy come down. Felt like a cup of coffee, uplifting, surge of giggles and positive vibes. Given the price, excellent aroma and strong buzz we recommend checking this one out.
  • Nitrogen-sealed container
  • Amazingly strong aroma
  • Potent sativa high
  • Buds were a little leafy
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Avoid if you're seeking a body high
Smell - 8.7
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 8
Experience - 9
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