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Tribal Galactic Rntz Review

Are you ready to blast off into the galaxy with Tribal's Galactic Rntz? This indica-dominant strain is a hybrid of Falcon 9 and Runtz, promising a powerful fuel flavour with fruity undertones. But that's not all - the buds are so frosty and dense, they look like they've been covered in snow!

Tribal Galactic Rntz is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing Falcon 9 (Sunset Sherbet x Tina) with Runtz (Zktlz x Gelato).

Tribal says to expect a strong fuel or gasoline flavour profile with subtle fruity undertones. In addition to it’s strong taste and high THC percentage, the buds are apparently very frosty with specks of purple and dark green. Let’s see how this flower compares to Tribal’s Gelato Mint or Redecan’s Animal Rntz.

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Tribal’s use of nitrogen-sealed containers to preserve their strains certainly piqued our curiosity and seems to do a good job preserving the product. Upon breaking the seal, a burst of aromas filled the air – the sweetness of the grapes was immediately apparent, with a subtle underlying hint of earthiness that added depth to the scent.


Tribal’s black plastic container that stores the product has a nitrogen seal, which ensures the flower remains fresh for longer. The label provided all the necessary information about the product. In addition to the brand name, product name, and type of cultivation, it also included the total terpene percentage, THC and CBD totals, pheno number, lot number, type of flower, harvested date, and packaged date. The inclusion of this information on the label reflects the brand’s transparency and commitment to providing customers with high-quality products. Upon opening the container, we were greeted with small to medium-sized buds that were heavily coated in trichomes, giving them a snow-covered appearance. The nugs had a few bright orange pistil hairs and light and dark green tones, making them visually appealing. We noticed an interesting characteristic – a slight stickiness to the touch, indicative of a high resin content.


After rolling up a joint and taking a puff, we were pleasantly surprised with the flavour profile as it matched the aroma perfectly. The sweet scent of purple grapes we had detected earlier was now a delightful taste on inhale. The flavour remained consistent throughout each puff, which was quite impressive. On exhale, we also noticed a subtle yet pleasant undertone of spice, which complemented the grape flavour nicely. The consistency and smoothness of the smoke made it a great choice for a relaxing evening. The moderate grape flavour paired with the subtle spice undertones made it a unique and interesting smoke. We were left feeling relaxed and content after enjoying this strain.


Our container of Tribal’s Galactic Rntz was harvested on November 18, 2022 and packaged on December 16, 2022, coming from lot number 0222390201. At a price of $29.50 for 3.5 grams, we believe it offers a great deal considering the THC content of 29.0%. During our experience with Galactic Rntz, we were pleased to discover it delivered both a physical and mental buzz. While the body tingles were evenly spread throughout, the mental effects left us with a slight fog that we found quite relaxing. The effects of this strain make it a perfect option for an evening smoke session when winding down from the day’s activities. Overall, we were impressed with the quality of the product and the enjoyable experience it provided.

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Galactic Rntz is an indica-dominant strain with a strong fuel flavour and fruity undertones. The nitrogen-sealed container preserves the buds, which have a striking appearance with deep shades of purple and a high resin content. It's aroma was sweet with grape notes and an earthy undertone, and the flavour profile matches it perfectly with a subtle spice undertone. The strain delivers both physical and mental effects, making it perfect for an evening smoke session. Overall, Tribal's Galactic Rntz offers a good deal with 29.0% THC content and a price of $29.50 for 3.5 grams.
  • Price ($29.50 for 3.5 grams)
  • Very thick trichome layer
  • Consistent aroma and flavour profiles
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Buds were a bit leafy and dry
  • Trimming job could have been better
Smell - 7.6
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.8
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  1. I bought galactic rntz from a dispensary in Brampton and it literally has mould on it!

    • That sucks. Did you grab it recently?


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