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Tweed Funky Legend Review

Step into the captivating world of Tweed's Funky Legend, an indica-leaning hybrid that surpasses expectations. With a transformed quality, enticing aroma, and a potent high that balances relaxation and mental clarity, this strain demands your attention. Unveil the secrets of this legendary cannabis gem below.

Tweed Funky Legend is a potent indica-leaning hybrid that boasts potent levels of THC and a minimal CBD content. In this review, we will thoroughly examine its aroma, appearance, flavour, and overall experience, providing you with an insightful analysis. Delving into its scent, users have described a pungent funk accompanied by hints of danky rubber, originating from its Fatso lineage, while subtle notes of earthy pine, derived from the Gusherz genetics, add depth to its olfactory profile.

Join us as we embark on this journey and compare Funky Legend to other notable strains like Ghost Drops’ First Class Funk and Tweed’s GG#4.

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The aroma of Tweed’s Funky Legend pleasantly surprised us, especially considering the company’s history of producing strains with minimal scent. We expected this one to have little or no smell, but were immediately greeted with a delightful and robust fragrance upon opening the bag. The dankness and spice notes were particularly noteworthy, adding a layer of complexity to the overall profile. The presence of these aromas surpassed our expectations and hopefully sets a promising tone for the rest of this review. Plus, we thought it was nice to see Tweed deliver a flower with such an enticing profile.


The product arrived in a small green plastic bag with a convenient resealable zipper opening. The front label provided essential information, including the brand, strain name, and cannabinoid content. On the back, we found details about the dominant terpenes, lot number, and package date, ensuring transparency and accountability.

In terms of the flower’s appearance and bag appeal, it can be described as satisfactory, albeit not exceptional. The majority of the buds were nicely moist, displaying a deep hunter green colour and moderately thick trichome layer. But they also were a bit leafy which might put some people off. It’s worth noting that the inclusion of a Boveda pack seemed to contribute to maintaining the moisture level and preventing excessive dryness, which has been an issue with some previous Tweed products.

While the buds had a pleasing texture and were relatively easy to tear, grinding them proved to be a bit challenging. Funky Legend may not boast the most visually appealing flower we’ve encountered, but it is important to acknowledge this represents an improvement compared to other offerings from the same brand. Tweed seems to be making strides in enhancing the overall appearance and quality of their products, and Funky Legend reflects this positive progression.


Upon rolling a joint of Tweed’s Funky Legend, the flavour profile delivered as anticipated, aligning with our expectations. The dominant taste consisted of dank and spicy elements, with subtle hints of gas or fuel that added an intriguing component to the overall flavour. Additionally, we detected a pleasant herbal undertone, which provided a touch of freshness to the smoking experience.

Notably, the smoke was relatively smooth, allowing us to have an enjoyable and comfortable session. This aspect marked a noticeable improvement compared to previous strains we’ve sampled from Tweed. They definitely seem to be making an effort to improve the smoking experience which is commendable and reflected in the smoother draw.


The overall experience of Tweed’s Funky Legend was marked by several notable aspects. Our flower was packaged on November 29, 2022 and part of lot number 2200063993. With a THC content of 30.4%, the price of $26.95 for 3.5 grams felt like a reasonable deal, considering the high delivered but did not feel as potent as you’d expect.

The high itself was characterized by a reasonably strong body high, reminiscent of strains like Ice Cream Cake, which impart a deeply relaxing sensation. Simultaneously, it exhibited a cerebral head high, offering a sense of mental clarity and attentiveness. This combination of effects created a well-balanced experience that allowed for both physical relaxation and mental engagement.

Overall, this one was better then we expected, showcasing a noteworthy improvement in potency and quality compared to other strains offered by Tweed. The strong body high, coupled with a focused and clear-headed effect, provided a well-rounded experience that was both enjoyable and engaging. However they have more work to do if they want to fix their reputation.

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Tweed's Funky Legend presents a notable improvement in quality compared to previous strains from the brand. With a robust and captivating aroma, the flower delivers a potent high that combines relaxing body effects with a focused and clear-headed experience. While the bag appeal may be mediocre and the flavours limited, the overall experience is enhanced by the smooth smoke and reasonable pricing. Despite some minor drawbacks, Funky Legend is a big improvement for this brand. However it did not feel like 30% THC and Tweed still has more work to do if they want to fix their reputation.
  • Potent high with relaxing body effects
  • Improved quality compared to previous Tweed strains
  • Robust and captivating aroma profile
  • Mediocre bag appeal and visual presentation
  • Did not feel like 30+% THC content
  • Some will be off-put because this is Tweed
Smell - 7.6
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 7.3
Experience - 7.1
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