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Veil OG Weed Odor Eliminator Spray Review

Veil OG is a non-toxic spray created by a team of experts to specifically combat the smell made by cannabis.

Veil OG Weed Odor Eliminator Spray is a non-toxic, eco-friendly formula that was created for the express purpose of eliminating cannabis smoke smell.

Traditional air freshers are just perfume in a bottle so they only mask the smell of smoke where as this product was developed to break the smell down on a molecular level. According to their website, Veil OG was developed by group of chemists with over 30 years experience creating other household products.

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The product arrived from Veil in a green plastic bottle with traditional spray top.

According to it’s label the formula has three fragrances which have been added and include sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia cedar. These aromas only last a short period of time while the formula has a chance to breakdown the cannabis smell at a molecular level.

Ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Soyethyl Morphlinium Ethosulfate (Odor Neutralizer)
  • Polysorbate 20 (Wetting Agent)
  • Essential Oil Blend (Fragrance)
  • Dimethylhydantoin (Preservative)

After spraying a few times the citrus smell was certainly the most pronounced but seemed to disappear quickly. But this makes sense when you consider this is an odor eliminator and not really an air freshener.

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How much simpler can it get then pushing a button?

Veil OG comes in a traditional spray bottle which means using it could not be easier. After smoking, spray the formula a few times in the room and watch how quickly the smell of weed is replaced by a burst of woody citrus before disappearing completely.

It goes without say that depending on the size of the space being used you might need more then a couple of sprays. We sprayed 7 times before asking an outsider who did not smoke to come over and smell. They felt the smell of cannabis was present but very mild and almost not detectable.

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Veil odor elimination spray works great but it costs more then regular air freshener or Febreeze. You can get it off their website in two different sizes:

  • Regular Size: 8oz for $19.99
  • Travel Size: 2oz for $9.99

Although it’s double the price of similar products Veil actually does a really great job eliminating cannabis smells which makes sense because that’s what it was engineered to do.

If you smoke in your house or car then having a bottle of Veil OG on hand is a good idea. Grab the 8oz bottle because you’re getting four times the amount and can then pour some into a smaller bottle if you want it for your car.

Veil OG spray is a non-toxic, eco-friendly formula that was specifically created to eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke. Traditional air freshers are just perfume in a bottle that only mask the smoke smell where as this product was developed to break the smell down on a molecular level.
  • Woody citrus aroma
  • Starts working immediately
  • Eliminates (not masks) the odor
  • Price point ($19.99 for 8oz)
  • Only one fragrance available
  • Bottle made from plastic
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