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Versus BC Purple Kush Review

Dive into the allure of BC Purple Kush, where expectation meets revelation. From an iconic lineage to a taste that teases the senses, is this the cannabis symphony you've been waiting for? Let's journey through the highs, lows, and everything in-between in this detailed review.

Versus BC Purple Kush is traditionally an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the landrace strain Hindu Kush with Purple Afghani.

While Versus remains somewhat enigmatic about this product’s details, hints of authentic grape flavours coupled with sweet, earthy notes suggest a lineage close to its traditional roots. Without much to go on, the intrigue deepens: How will it stack up against strains like Pink Kush or Purple Punch?

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After our recent encounter with Death Star from Versus, we approached BC Purple Kush with a bit of skepticism. And weren’t we pleasantly taken aback? Upon breaking the seal, our senses were immediately greeted with a delightful aroma. While it has that familiar herbal smell, it’s unmistakably “kushy“. This fragrance gives off an inviting aura, reminiscent of classic cannabis strains but with its own distinct signature. If aroma could hint at a redemption story, this might be how it begins.


The flower arrived in a red bag with resealable zipper. An informative label on the front had the following details: the brand, strain, cannabinoids, lot number, package date, and contact information for Valens – a true testament to their transparency and dedication to the consumer. On the flip side, the packaging takes a minimalist approach, featuring just a handy diagram to guide users on opening.

Upon opening, the absence of a humidity pack was mildly disappointing but expected with Versus. However, to their credit, the buds had impressively retained their moisture. As for the strain’s namesake, Purple Kush, there seemed to be a slight colour mismatch. Instead of the anticipated purple tinges, the buds leaned towards a variety of green tones, interspersed with pale orange pistil hairs. These buds might be a tad on the leafy side, but their dense structure and dark tones make up for it. An observable layer of trichomes adorns them, though not overly pronounced. All in all, when it comes to visual appeal, it sits comfortably in the middle – not the best in show, but far from the least impressive.


Mirroring its aromatic introduction, the flavour profile subtly whispers rather than shouts its presence. The predominant kushy notes make a firm but gentle mark on the palate. But, just when you think you’ve fully grasped its essence, a secondary, herbal undertone gracefully intertwines, providing a nice overall balance. This duality in flavour is reminiscent of a well-orchestrated symphony; not clamorous, but rather a soft, sophisticated blend that lingers. For those who appreciate nuances and the art of subtlety in their cannabis experience, this is a taste journey well worth embarking on.


Our flower was part of lot number VA062348.01 with a package date of June 23, 2023. The THC content was listed as 22.09% which seemed reasonable for the price point of $99.95 for 28 grams.

Upon lighting up, we were ushered into a realm of serene mental relaxation. There was a tinge of cerebral haze, a soft cloudiness that cushioned our thoughts without fully obscuring them. If you’re hunting for an absolute knock-out strain, this might not be your top pick. However, if a gentle wind-down at the day’s end is what you seek, BC Purple Kush emerges as a respectable option. It stands out when compared to some of the other strains from Versus and confirmed they can produce a decent indica, however still have a ways to go.

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BC Purple Kush from Versus is an indica-dominant flower with an undisclosed lineage and 22.09% THC content. Priced competitively at $99.95 for 28 grams, it offers decent value for the money. Upon unsealing, one is greeted with a distinct yet familiar kushy aroma that matches its flavour. Visually, while the buds miss out on the anticipated purple hue, they were dense with a decent amount of trichomes. Lighting up this strain culminates in a serene mental relaxation, with just a touch of cerebral cloudiness, making it an apt choice for a calm evening reprieve.
  • THC content of 22.09%
  • Dense buds with clear trichome visibility
  • Balance of kushy and herbal flavours
  • Absence of expected purple colour
  • Somewhat leafy buds
  • No humidity pack included
Smell - 7.5
Appearance - 6.8
Flavour - 7.3
Experience - 7.1
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