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Versus Death Star Review

Before you splurge on Versus' Death Star, hit the brakes! With its illustrious lineage of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, it might seem tempting to dive right in. But trust us, you'll want every piece of intel before making that purchase. Dive deep with us into this strain's highs and lows — every scent, sight, and sensation dissected. Consider this your essential guide: don't light up until you've read every word.

Information about Versus Death Star was scarce but Death Star is normally a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel which produces an indica-dominant hybrid.

Versus touts this flower for its robust diesel aroma, delicately punctuated by a hint of citrus. The real question remains: How does it stack up against its parent strains, like the previously reviewed Sour Diesel by Redecan or the Sensi Star by Spinach?

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Upon opening the seal, anticipation was in the air. We had been prepped by Versus to be greeted with a distinct citrusy diesel aroma. But what we encountered was quite different. A soft herbal scent rose up, reminiscent of many strains we’ve encountered before. It’s a familiar aroma, but not the powerful note we were geared up for. While some might appreciate the subtlety, for those seeking a striking aroma, Death Star might seem a tad muted. It made us wonder: Does this discreet scent hint at a gentle experience or is it just the calm before the storm?


The product came in a straightforward off-white bag, secured with a zipper seal. On the front, all essential details were neatly presented – strain name, brand specifics, grower details, packaging date, lot number, and total cannabinoid content.

However, the real surprise lay within. Emptying the bag’s contents, our excitement quickly turned to dismay. To say we were underwhelmed would be an understatement. What we found resembled shake and stem, with just a smattering of actual buds. The presentation left us questioning whether the flower had been in this condition prior to packaging or if something had gone awry during its journey. For a brand experience, especially one with Versus, it was far from the stellar impression we’d hoped for. If this were a first encounter with them, we might be hard-pressed to give them a second shot.


Lighting up a joint, we braced for a redeeming taste experience, given the prior setbacks. Yet, the flavour profile mirrored the aroma’s letdown. The taste was almost elusive, characterized by a nondescript herbal note that barely registered on our palate. Regrettably, Death Star hasn’t quite hit the mark in our experience, proving underwhelming across the board.


Sourced from lot number AR23A514 and packaged on May 13, 2023, our Death Star package from Versus boasted an impressive 24.0% THC content, all for $64.95 for 14 grams. While the previous aspects might have been letdowns, the high was the redeeming quality. But, considering our prior experiences, that wasn’t a tall order.

Despite its notable THC percentage, the intensity of the high was rather moderate. It delivered a subtle mental haze and a touch of relaxation. Yet, it still lacked a distinctive punch or memorable quality. When weighed against its less-than-stellar appearance and the muted sensory impressions, this moderate high does little to tip the scales in its favour. Our verdict? It might be best to give this one a pass.

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Death Star by Versus boasts a notable 24.0% THC content and is priced at $64.95 for 14 grams. However, its underwhelming aroma and disappointing flavour profile leave much to be desired. Visually, the flower's presentation is marked by an abundance of shake and stem, further dampening the experience. While the high offers a moderate sensation of relaxation, it doesn't quite compensate for the product's other shortcomings. In sum, despite its impressive lineage and THC level, the overall experience with Death Star is lackluster.
  • Impressive 24.0% THC content
  • Moderate, manageable high
  • Mild relaxation effect
  • Poor appearance and presentation
  • Overpriced for quality offered
  • Mostly shake and stem
Bush Weed
Smell - 5.4
Appearance - 2.1
Flavour - 5.4
Experience - 5.6
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