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The Very Happy Kit Review

The Very Happy Kit includes a number of accessories so it can be the ultimate travel kit for any smoker.

If you’re a regular cannabis user like we are then you’ve likely accumulated a number of accessories ranging from rolling papers to pipes and packing tools.

So there’s a need for a secure, good quality, smell proof case to store all these goodies when not in use. Today we’re looking at The Very Happy Kit from the team at Happy Kit which claims to address all the issues above and more.

Below you’ll find our review and photos.

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Quality of Construction

The Very Happy Kit is the top unit offered by Happy Kit for flower products. It was designed for dried flower smokers who also use concentrates and includes several items which we’ll break down further.

The case itself was probably designed with beach trips in mind as the materials used is similar to a waterproof blue-tooth speaker; flexible but sturdy. While the case is waterproof the resealable zipper is water-resistant (see video below). It includes a combination lock to keep your cannabis safe and a number of inner areas to store or hold a variety of tools.

Now for the supplies provided…

The small grinder is multiple chamber design and similar to the Kannastor grinder from RYOT we reviewed not long ago, however this product is clearly not made from the same high quality material. It feels low end, very light and holds about 1.5-2 grams at max.

The Glass pipe that was included did not come with a screen which is unfortunate. Pipes should always have screens to prevent large pieces of material from clogging the airflow path. Overall it’s a nice pipe but nothing new or wow as you’ve probably seen this style a hundred times.

The branded papers are unbleached and included filters – 1 pack is 1 1/2″ x 3″ in size and the larger one is a King Size measuring 1 3/4″ x 4 1/4″. For reference, a white zigzag paper is 1 1/4″ x 2 3/4″. The green joint tube is 3″ in length and 3/4″ in diameter.

The concentrate container is for storage since it’s made out of heat resistance silicone or rubber. The concentrate straw is in theory a good idea and feels like its made from ceramic with an aluminium tip. However we did find the steel hook poker tool to be the perfect width for cleaning the concentrate straw.

very happy kit review photos 2 merryjade

Ease of Use

For a travel case this kit would be adequate to store your herb as it offers a certain amount of odour protection and waterproofing. With a number of built in elastic restraints, it gives you plenty of room for your grinder, pipe, papers and more. However we think there’s a good chance you’ll swap out some of the items in this kit for your own tools.

The aluminium grinder does the job in a pinch but feels flimsy and a bit cheap so it’s really unknown how long will it hold up before the teeth start bending or breaking.

The glass pipe with choke is nice but being glass there’s always a chance to break it so in a mobile kit perhaps a sturdier pipe would be better.

Happy Kit included 2 sizes of papers with filters was a good idea however the King Size papers don’t actually fit the provided joint tube when rolled. The joint tube itself works great so long as you don’t try to store a joint rolled with the King Size papers. It looks like you’re maxing out at 1 1/4″ papers or smaller.

The concentrate container is suitable for a single concentrate as it doesn’t have dividers. If you don’t like your concentrates getting mixed up then you’ll probably replace with this a different container.

And while we’re speaking about concentrates, it should be noted the straw seemed useful but when the metal tip is heated the whole ceramic straw gets hot too making it difficult to use.

The steel poker helps for cleaning the concentrate straw but it is useless otherwise since a good poker tool would also have a fat end to double as a packing tool.

very happy kit review photos 3 merryjade

Overall Value

So is the Very Happy Kit worth the price ? That’s a matter of opinion. If you don’t travel, then this likely isn’t for you. However, for anyone on the go, this potentially is a smell-proof and waterproof solution that might be worth checking out.

The majority of the accessories can easily found elsewhere and will likely be replaced if you use this with any type of regularity. So you really are buying this for the case.

In a way this feels like something a non-cannabis user would give to their toking friend as a gift. Perhaps when better quality supplies are included, The Very Happy Kit would tempt me to spend $59.99.

Here’s what was included:

  • 2 x packs of unbleached rolling papers with filters– 1 1/4″ and King Size
  • 1 x Aluminium 4-piece grinder – Get the perfect grind every time and even collect kief
  • Glass Pipe with choke – Easily control the airflow of this pipe for a smooth toke
  • Joint Tube – Holds a single 1 1/4″ paper rolled joint with filter
  • Concentrate Straw with poker – An easy way to use concentrates on the go
  • Concentrate Container – Store a little of your stuff for later
  • Zipper pouch with Velcro patch – Easily store things in place
very happy kit review photos 4 merryjade
Is The Very Happy Kit worth $59.99? If you don't travel, this isn't for you. However, for anyone on the go, this case smell-proof and waterproof kit might be an option worth checking out. We did feel the majority of accessories can be found elsewhere and are not the best quality. Perhaps when better quality supplies are included, The Very Happy Kit would feel like a better investment.
  • Case itself is very good quality
  • Smell proof case with heavy zipper
  • Waterproof case with water-resistant zipper seal
  • Price point ($59.99)
  • Kit feels like a gift from a non-cannabis user
  • You'll be replacing some items with your own
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