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Wagners Gas Leak Review

Gas Leak by Wagners – a unique and complex flower that promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, for better or for worse. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, this one will have you guessing until the very end.

Wagners Gas Leak is an indica-leaning strain that was created when Pink Chemdawg was crossed with Chem 91.

From what we could learn ahead of time, the aroma and flavour profiles are supposed to have earthy elements mixed with a heavy gas component which should be interesting. The buds are suppose to be dense, round and covered in specks of dark green and purple leaves. Let’s see how this one compares to Wagners Cherry Jam or Daily Special’s Gasberry Pie.

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Opening the package of Wagners’ Gas Leak, we were immediately hit with a tantalizing aroma of carbonated gas with hints of diesel and herbs. The scent was moderate in strength, not overpowering, but noticeable enough to pique our interest. It was reminiscent of a sparkling beverage, with an earthy undertone that followed close behind. The combination of fragrances was intriguing, and we found ourselves drawn to the scent, eagerly anticipating the experience to come. This delightful aroma is sure to excite the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts.


The Gas Leak strain from Wagners arrived in a standard industry plastic bag with a zipper opening. The bag’s front displayed essential information such as the brand name, product name, type, weight, and total THC and CBD levels. Upon flipping the package, we found a straightforward diagram that demonstrated how to open the bag, which was very helpful. The buds themselves were small to medium in size and had a round, dense structure that suggested high quality. They featured large specks of purple leaves that were tightly wrapped with the bright orange hairs. One of the more impressive features of this Gas Leak strain was it’s thick coating of trichomes that covered the buds, indicating a high level of resin production.


After rolling a joint, we were eager to experience the flavour profile. We anticipated a taste that would mirror the intriguing aroma, and we were not disappointed. The flavour profile was similar to the scent, with a notable gas flavour, accompanied by earthy herbal notes. Interestingly, the herbal elements seemed to be more prominent in the flavour profile than in the scent, where the gas aroma took centre stage. The reversal of the order made for a unique and enjoyable experience, with the flavours complementing each other beautifully. Additionally, the smoke was smooth and easy to inhale, allowing us to fully appreciate the complex flavour profile of Wagners’ Gas Leak.


Our bag was part of lot number 0037F, which was packaged on December 23, 2022. At 23.0% THC and priced at $31.95 for 3.5 grams, we felt the price point was reasonable when compared to similar products on the market. After smoking this strain, we experienced a moderately strong physical sedation that was accompanied by a pleasant, warm sensation around the eyes. The mental effects were mild but notable, with a slight cloudiness that added to the overall relaxation experience.

Overall, the experience of smoking this flower was nice and provided a sense of calm and relaxation that would be good for anyone seeking an indica strain. The physical sedation was strong enough to soothe aches and pains, making it an ideal choice for nighttime use. If you’re searching for a new strain to try, Gas Leak by Wagners is worth learning more about.

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Gas Leak by Wagners is an indica-dominant strain with a unique and intriguing aroma that features a carbonated gas scent with hints of diesel and herbs. The buds are small to medium in size and have a dense, round structure with large specks of purple leaves wrapped up in bright orange hairs, with a thick coating of trichomes. The effects are notable, delivering a moderately strong physical sedation accompanied by a warm sensation around the eyes and a mild mental cloud, making it a great choice for those seeking relaxation. With a reasonable price point of $31.95 for 3.5 grams and a lineage that is undisclosed, Gas Leak by Wagners is a good option for those looking to try something new.
  • Unique aroma profile
  • Complex and enjoyable flavour
  • Strong physical sedation
  • Mild mental effects
  • Limited information on lineage
  • High THC content may not be suitable for beginners
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 7.3
Experience - 7.8
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