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What is Larf? The Lesser-Known Side of Cannabis Plants

Think all cannabis buds are created equal? Think again. Dive into the lesser-known world of "larf", the underdeveloped buds that have a surprising impact on the cannabis industry.
what is cannabis larf

Growing a robust and effective cannabis plant is not as simple as it may appear from the appearance of the packaged buds found at dispensaries. Whether grown indoors hydroponically or outdoors, cannabis plants require specific conditions, including the right amount of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrient-rich soil otherwise you’ll likely end up with larf. But what is Larf?

An experienced grower plays a vital role in the cultivation of healthy plants because he or she possess the knowledge of plant anatomy and are able to extract delicate cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as navigate the specialized language used by cannabis growers and breeders. Words such as bract, calyx, cotyledon, pistle, stigma, and cola, may be unfamiliar to many cannabis consumers, but they are essential terms related to the anatomy of the plant and play a significant role in the growth, development, and eventual cultivation of the different cannabis strains.

Another term that is often used in the cannabis industry is “larf”, which refers to buds that are underdeveloped or not of high quality and that is the term we’re going to explore more today.

What exactly is larf?

“Larf” is a slang term used in the cannabis industry to describe buds that are underdeveloped or not of high quality. These buds are typically smaller in size, contain less trichomes, which are the resin-producing glands that contain the plant’s active compounds. As a result, larf buds typically have less desirable aroma and flavour, and are less potent compared to well-developed buds.

can you de larf a cannabis plant

It is not considered the good part of the plant, but can be used as a lower-grade product such as pre-rolled joints or edibles, or to make concentrates, as it still contains some THC, CBD and other cannabinoid content. Some growers may use it as a way to recycle their crop, but it is not considered as a premium product.

Can you de-larf a cannabis plant?

“De-larfing” a cannabis plant typically refers to the process of removing or discarding the underdeveloped buds (larf) from the plant. This is often done during the trimming process, where growers will carefully remove any buds that are small, discolored, or otherwise not of high quality.

This is a common practice among growers, as it allows them to focus their resources on the more developed, high-quality buds, which can command a higher price on the market. Additionally, removing the larf buds may also improve the overall health and yield of the cannabis plant, as it allows for better airflow and light penetration to the remaining buds, which can result in more potent and flavourful buds.

It is important to note that de-larfing is not a form of manipulation of the plant, it’s just a way of discarding the parts of the plant that are not fulfilling the standards of quality required by the growers.

What can you do with your extra larf?

Larf, or underdeveloped buds, can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the grower’s preference. Some growers may choose to discard it, while others may choose to use it to create other cannabis products like for example edibles or cannabis concentrates.

One common use for larf is to make concentrates, such as hash or kief. Because larf still contains some cannabinoid (THC, CBD, etc.) and terpene content, it can be used to create these products. While the potency of the concentrate will be lower compared to those made from high-quality buds, it can still be used for consumption.

what can you do with leftover cannabis larf

Another use for larf is to use it for edibles, such as cannabis-infused butter or oil. Since the potency is lower, the cook will have to use more to achieve the desired effects. Larf can also be used to make pre-rolled joints, as it is still smokable. However, the overall smoking experience may not be as enjoyable when compared to high-quality buds.

Bottom line

In short, Larf refers to underdeveloped buds in the cannabis plant that are not up to standard for premium product. These buds are usually smaller, with less trichomes and less desirable aroma, flavour and potency. Growers often remove these buds during the trimming process to focus on the more developed, high-quality buds that can fetch a higher price. However, these underdeveloped buds can still be used in a variety of ways such as making extracts, pre-rolled joints, edibles or recycling the crop. The decision of what to do with larf is a personal preference of the growers and what they can sell in their market.

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