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Yada Yada Cherry Do-Si-Do Review

Cherry Do-Si-Do from Yada Yada is a hybrid strain with sweet aroma in addition to dense, vibrant and well trimmed buds.

Cherry Do-Si-Do is a cultivar initially brought to the dessert table by Midwest Best as the indica-leaning hybrid child of the original Do-Si-Dos strain and Phantom Cookies, which itself is descended from Cherry Pie and the legendary Grandaddy Purps. Enter Yada Yada Cherry Do-Si-Do

This enticingly sweet flavor has now been brought back to the bakery by Yada Yada, a brand produced by Southern California cultivator Pacific Dutch, known for their quality greenhouse cannabis. According to the company, their mission was to make a brand of flower that’s just easy, and they seem to have done a pretty impressive job of keeping things simple. Good bud for good prices. Easy breezy, indeed.

It will be interesting to see how this hybrid compares to Mendocino Grasslands London Pound Cake or even the dense Area 41 from Alien Labs.

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The scent was extremely muted when I first opened the bag, which surprised me, but even more surprising was the wonderful variety of pleasant cannabis odors that jumped out when I actually broke the buds open. This bag included a small Boveda terpene shield, so the lack of a strong smell initially could be attributed to that, instead preserving all the lovely nuances and notes of this strain within the frosty little nugs themselves until popped open. There was a dominant presence of ripe cherries in the scent, with a pastry-like edge of extra sweetness and bright floral chords, along with a dab of honey. The overall odor was quite charming, very light and fruity, and definitely lived up to the sugary dessert profile I expected from this strain.


The buds were small to medium sized and tight, manicured and preserved well. They were fairly frosty with vibrant shades of green, flecked in purple and magenta hues at the edges, and spotted with deep orange hairs. Layered with bright trichomes, these nugs broke up nicely and maintained a good amount of body when cracked open.


There was lots of juicy cherry present, with a rosy bouquet underneath, not much skunk here but instead a bright floral and berry profile. The taste was creamy and sweet, with a satisfyingly sugary finish that made me crave more of this flavor, even though I was already pretty lifted.


My bag was part of batch CDD-10-4-190 and was packaged on April 15, 2022. Listed with 28.39% THC content and price tag of under 30 bucks, I found the high very smooth and not too overpowering, leaning more towards an indica experience with a heavy dose of muscle relaxation and stress relief. It left me a little stuck but didn’t knock me out completely, making for a decent daytime high experience, even though it did ultimately make me feel a little lazy. This strain is great for kicking back and binge watching a favorite show or just melting into the background for a while. Roll some of this up and yada yada, you’ll probably have a good time.

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Yada Yada's Cherry Do-Si-Do is a hybrid strain that smells and tastes like cherries. Listed with 28.39% THC for under $30, I found it a delivered a smooth yet not overpowering high, leaning more towards an indica experience with heavy muscle relaxation and stress relief. This strain would be ideal for end of day and watching a favorite show or just melting into the background for a bit.
  • Excellent value for price
  • Quality greenhouse bud
  • Nice taste and better high
  • Not much smell until buds are broken open
  • Made me feel lazy
  • Want more soon
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 7.8
Flavour - 8
Experience - 7.7
Written by
As a Northern California native and longtime consumer of cannabis in many forms I've spent endless hours exploring the various brands and products this region has to offer, so I'm here to help guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the West Coast weed world. From sunny South Cali to the Bay Area breeze and Sacramento trees, all the way up to the emerald glory of Mendocino and legendary Humboldt County, I'll be discovering the best (and maybe not-so-best) buds, concentrates, and extracts being harvested in the Golden State these days. Why? So you don't have to take chances when you're headed out to pick up a fresh drop, of course. Because that's what we do here. It's pretty heroic.

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