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Zomo Micro Ultra Thin Leaves Review

Step into a world of ultra-thin perfection, where every burn is a blissful symphony of flavor and finesse. Curious to discover the rolling papers that'll elevate your smoking experience to new heights? Look no further! From their cutting-edge technology to the artful construction, these papers are a delight for the senses.

Zomo Micro Ultra Thin Leaves are suppose to be the epitome of consistent quality and cutting-edge innovation in the world of rolling papers. Their commitment to excellence is evident through the use of advanced technology and a team of specialized professionals in rolling paper production. Moreover, with a wide range of sizes and materials available, they ensure every smoker’s unique demands are met.

Join us for this review, as we delve deeper into this product and compare with BigBark’s Select and Smoking’s Medium Thinnest.

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These papers are crafted using ultra-thin materials, making them incredibly light and delicate. The booklet size, measuring 76x36mm, is just right for easy handling and storage. Additionally, the papers are textured, providing a tactile sensation that enhances the overall rolling experience.

One commendable feature is the use of vegetable gum, specifically Arabic Gum, in the product. This choice of gum ensures a smooth and consistent burn, which is crucial for a satisfying smoking session. The combination of ultra-thin papers and vegetable gum guarantees an even burn that cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate. They also feel quite familiar and are similar to other popular brands which add a sense of familiarity and level of comfort.


Zomo’s Micro rolling papers present a user-friendly option for those familiar with standard size papers. If you’re already comfortable rolling with similar-sized and thin papers from other brands, you’ll find these papers easy to work with. However, due to their ultra-thin nature, a gentle touch is essential during the rolling process to avoid any unwanted rips.

For experienced users who are accustomed to this size and thinness, adapting to these will be a breeze. The familiar feel of the papers will facilitate a seamless rolling experience. However, if you are still in the process of learning how to roll joints, you may want to consider starting with a slightly thicker paper, such as Pure Hemp, which can be more forgiving during the rolling process.


When considering the overall value, it’s important to note the price range of $49.99 to $69.99 USD per box. Each of these boxes contains 25 booklets, and each booklet holds 50 leaves.

One of the main challenges we encountered with this brand is their limited availability. While they seem to be widely accessible in South America, finding them in North America can be quite difficult at this time. Despite the availability issue, Zomo’s Micro papers have become one of our favorite products from this brand as their size and thinness remind us of Zig Zag ultra-thin or Rizla rolling papers.

Considering the quality of construction and ease of use, these papers undoubtedly have the potential to provide excellent value to users who can find them within the mentioned price range. However, given their current scarcity, potential buyers in North America may need to keep an eye out for special offers or explore alternatives with similar attributes to make the most of their overall value.

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Zomo's Micro rolling papers offer a quality smoking experience with their ultra-thin construction, ensuring smooth and even burns. Their familiar feel, akin to popular brands, adds comfort to the rolling process. With each booklet holding 50 leaves, they provide a generous supply for frequent users. However, their limited availability in North America and varying price range between $49.99 to $69.99 USD may pose challenges for potential buyers. While they suit experienced rollers, beginners might find the delicate nature of these papers a bit challenging and could consider exploring alternative options.
  • Ultra-thin for smooth and even burns
  • Familiar feel like popular brands
  • Generous supply with 50 leaves/booklet
  • Limited availability in North America
  • Delicate; can rip during rolling process
  • Price range varies from $49.99-$69.99 USD
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