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Zomo Monster Ultra Thin Leaves Review

Ready to elevate your smoking experience to uncharted heights? With Zomo's Monster Ultra Thin Leaves, you're in for a transformative journey. These papers are more than just a tool - they're a game-changer. Intrigued? Let's dive deeper into what makes these rolling papers the talk of the town.

We’ve evaluated numerous Zomo products, but today, we’re focusing on their extra-large Monster Ultra Thin Leaves, tailored specifically for rolling large joints.

As experts in modern ultra-thin technology, this brand promises a slow, steady burn, keeping the true smell and taste of your chosen substance. Made with 100% vegetable gum, Zomo Papers make for perfect rolls, giving you an outstanding smoking experience every time. Let’s see how these stack up against competitors like Futurola’s King Size papers.

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Zomo’s Monster Ultra Thin Leaves employ ultra-thin technology, resulting in a slow, even burn that beautifully retains the taste of your chosen substance. They stand out with a size comparable to king-size papers but slightly longer, offering an optimal balance for a superior rolling experience. Despite their tissue-paper-like thinness, their quality and durability remain uncompromised. An added bonus is the unique, earthy aroma they emit, enhancing the sensory pleasure of your smoking experience.

Committed to health and the environment, Zomo ensures its papers are chlorine-free. Noteworthy specifications include a size of 108x53mm, a textured finish, and the inclusion of Arabic Gum, further elevating the quality of Zomo’s Monster Ultra Thin Leaves.


Rolling your own using these wide and long papers might be a bit tough for some. But trust us, it’s worth the effort. These papers give a slow, steady burn for a great smoking experience. While the papers have a nice smell, that doesn’t really change the taste of what you’re smoking. But with the slow and even burn, these papers are a great pick if you want a steady and enjoyable smoke.

When it comes to the details, these papers are made to suit you. They’re long and wide, so they can hold up to 2 grams of your favorite kind of flower. The papers are really thin, which makes for a gentle touch when rolling. But be careful, their thinness means they can tear easily. With their big size and thin feel, these rolling papers make for a special and fun smoking experience for regular smokers.


Zomo’s Monster Ultra Thin Leaves are a hit among experienced smokers and a favorite for many. While direct purchases from the manufacturer aren’t available, a little searching should lead you to this brand on Amazon, especially since physical stores in South America are currently the only other source. Every box of Zomo Monster Ultra Thin Leaves includes 25 or 50 booklets, with each booklet packed with 33 leaves. This generous quantity promises ample enjoyment for regular smokers. If you’re a fan of rolling large joints with thin paper, then we believe these Monster Leaves will be a delightful addition to your smoking experience.

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Zomo's Monster Ultra Thin Leaves Rolling Papers are a top choice for smokers who prefer a quality product. Their super-thin technology ensures a smooth, slow burn, while the 100% vegetable gum allows for perfect rolls every time. Although they're delicate due to their thinness, careful handling can result in an enjoyable rolling experience. You can easily hold up to 2 grams of your favorite substance in these papers. Keep in mind, though, that while the papers have an enticing earthy aroma, it doesn't change the taste of what you're smoking.
  • Slow, steady burn enhances smoking experience
  • Holds up to 2 grams
  • Larger than king size papers
  • Unable to purchase directly from website
  • Large size may be excessive for some
  • Physical availability limited to South America
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