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Laboratoire InoVert

Laboratoire InoVert Inc. stands as a beacon of excellence in the bustling cannabis market of Montreal, Canada. This esteemed cannabis processing company not only boasts a standard processing license from Health Canada but also holds a significant license for medical sale. To further their commitment to the industry, they are registered with Revenue Canada’s excise tax program, paving the way to craft cannabis products for the Canadian retail arena.

At the heart of Laboratoire InoVert's mission is a drive to uplift and empower the cannabis micro-growers of Canada, as well as those with small standard licenses. Their primary aim is to pave a path for these growers to engage with the Société Québécoise du Cannabis, commonly known as the SQDC.

But Laboratoire InoVert's vision goes beyond mere facilitation. They actively seek collaborations with Canadian producers who harbor a passion for introducing the Quebec market to innovative and high-yielding genetics. To these budding producers, they offer a comprehensive solution, covering the gamut from packaging to sales and distribution, ensuring their valuable products find a rightful place within the SQDC.

Furthermore, Laboratoire InoVert's horizon of collaboration extends to nurseries and other genetic growers. The goal? To market their clones to the eager growers of Quebec. Laboratoire InoVert is firmly rooted in the belief that Canada's growers possess unparalleled expertise in cannabis genetics. By bridging the gap between these genetic experts and Quebec's cultivators, they aim to ensure only the finest genetics grace the shelves of the SQDC.

The standards set by Laboratoire InoVert are indeed high, but this stringent selection ensures that every product they touch exudes unmatched quality. When growers work with them, they aren't just availing a service; they're entering a partnership defined by excellence and mutual growth.

For those interested in exploring this world of possibilities, Laboratoire InoVert Inc. welcomes discussions on potential offers, sales, and collaborations. Dive into a partnership where innovation meets tradition, and quality remains paramount.


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