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Canada's Island Garden

Canada's Island Garden is a family-based company located in Charlottetown, PEI, with a rich agricultural background and generations of gardening and farming expertise. They bring a fresh approach to the medicinal marijuana industry, combining their deep-rooted knowledge with a personable and patient-oriented approach.

With a strong connection to the island's culture, Canada's Island Garden takes pride in their roots and the community they call home. This connection is reflected in their commitment to providing high-quality medicinal marijuana products that meet the needs of patients in a compassionate and understanding manner.

As proud owners of popular brands like Figr and Piper's Punch, Canada's Island Garden has established a presence in the market. These brands represent their dedication to producing exceptional products that meet the expectations of consumers seeking reliable and effective medicinal marijuana options.

With their expertise, commitment to quality, and genuine care for their patients and customers, Canada's Island Garden stands as a trusted producer in the medicinal marijuana industry. They continue to contribute to the well-being of individuals seeking alternative treatment options and are driven by their passion for helping others improve their quality of life.


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