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OGEN Ltd. is a licensed cannabis producer based in Calgary, Alberta. They specialize in small-batch, craft cannabis, meticulously cultivating high-end dried flower. OGEN's craft process includes whole-plant hang drying, delicate hand-trimming, and a slow cure to enhance flavour profiles and potency.

Their cultivation journey begins by selecting multiple seeds of a single strain and carefully documenting plant variables. Through a collaborative effort, they eliminate undesired phenotypes and grade potential winners based on aroma, flavour, and bag appeal. OGEN's mother plants are overseen by Marley and her team, ensuring strain-specific care and healthy cloning.

In their specialized flower rooms, each cultivar receives tailored treatment for optimal growth. Regular defoliations led by Moody's team create an environment that promotes consistent bud development. After a 14-day flush, the harvest takes place, and Carson's team meticulously removes the trellis, weighs the plants, and initiates a 10-14 day hang drying process in cool temperature rooms.

The cultivars then enter the cure stage, where the plants are bucked down into smaller sizes and placed in monitored cure containers. Daily burping allows for oxygen replenishment while releasing moisture and CO2. OGEN prides itself on hand-trimming all buds to preserve their quality, with each strain handled by the stalk in a lowered temperature environment.

Throughout the process, their focus on quality extends to packaging. They hand-process each nug using tongs and forceps to minimize handling and maintain optimal bud quality. OGEN's dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as a trusted producer, offering cannabis products that exceed expectations.

OGEN Ltd. stands out as a craft cannabis producer, committed to delivering premium dried flower through their meticulous cultivation process. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, they consistently provides an exceptional cannabis experience for enthusiasts.


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Citrus and berry-infused cannabis has always held a special place among connoisseurs. Therefore, when we discovered Ogen Lemon Z, we immediately recognized the need to feature it in our upcoming revie...

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