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Ogen Early Glue RBx1 #15 Review

Ogen's Early Glue RBx1 #15 is an indica-dominant strain with distinct creamy aroma and funky floral taste.

Ogen Early Glue RBx1 #15 is unique indica-dominant strain that is the reverse back-cross of (GG4 x Black Fire F-1) using the original GG4 (sometimes called Gorilla Glue #4).

This cultivar is known for producing a creamy aroma with notes of vanilla mixed in with funky floral. Early Glue RBx1 #15 backs that smell up with a flavour that is compared to cookies and cream dunked in tea. Ogen reports this strain has tight buds, a sparking layer of trichomes and is extremely sticky to the touch. Based off that description, it sounds like the Glue part of this flower’s lineage is alive, strong and healthy.

So how does this product compare to Ogen’s Freshly Baked or their Lemon-Z strain?

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The product arrived from Ogen in their typical container that reminders us of a plastic spice-style jar. We popped the top off and the aroma that hit us was a brief bold lemony scent that quickly tapered off to a solid earthiness with a faint undertone of what we think is musky vanilla but we’re not certain.


This plentiful looking pile of medium to small sized buds has a very unkempt shaggy hair look that makes us think they used some type of automated trimming tool. They don’t look terrible, just not the neatly groomed buds we’ve seen from many brands who trim by hand. Ogen did not include a humidity pack inside the container so although the buds were sticky (had a tacky feel) they were also dry with a decent amount of shake at the bottom. However there was a decent trichome layer and the bright orange hairs definitely catch your eye.


Ogen’s Early Glue RBx1 #15 burns slowly even though it was pretty dry. In terms of the taste, you quickly notice the herbal tea flavour when you inhale, however that morphs into something like burnt coffee before concluding with an aftertaste that a few of us thought was floral tea while others compared it to earthy unsweetened chocolate. We all agreed the flavour was interesting and overall an enjoyable smoke.


Our container of Early Glue RBx1 #15 was listed with 19.1% THC content and a purchase price of $39.95 for 3.5 grams – which we thought was a bit expensive. The good news was it delivered a strong balanced high, in fact the strength surprised since this flower was under 20% THC. After smoking it produced a mental buzz similar to feeling mildly distracted, this was combined with a stronger body high of feeling of heavy and just wanting to chill. Long story short, this indica from Ogen is decent but the price and scruffy appearance will not appeal to everyone. That being said, we did like it more then TGOD’s Organic GG#4 (similar parent strain) .

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Early Glue RBx1 #15 from Ogen is an indica-dominant strain with an earthy citrus aroma with a flavour similar to herbal tea with burnt coffee. Listed with 19.1% THC and sold for $39.95 for 3.5 grams, it delivered a strong balanced high that included a moderately strong mental buzz of feeling slightly distracted combined with a stronger body high producing a feeling of heaviness or just wanting to chill. We thought this was a decent indica but the higher price and scruffy appearance may not appeal to everyone.
  • Strong balanced high
  • Buds were sticky (felt tacky)
  • Slow burning (even though it was dry)
  • No humidity shield (dry and flaky buds)
  • Buds looked unkempt (automated trimming?)
  • High price point ($39.95 for 3.5 grams)
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 6.8
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.1
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