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Ogen Megaton Melon 4 Review

Ready to blast off to another dimension with Megaton Melon #4? Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we review this sativa-dominant strain from Ogen. With a name like Megaton Melon, you know this bud has some serious power behind it.

Ogen Megaton Melon 4 is a sativa-dominant flower with undisclosed genetics.

They describe it as having a delicious fruitsplosion that will tantalize your taste buds. Its chunky, gooey buds are suppose to leave your fingers feeling sticky, similar to indulging in a juicy slice of watermelon. We’ll compare Megaton Melon #4 to Ogen’s Freshly Baked #76 and BC Green’s Watermelon Gushers to see how it stacks up against other sweet-flavoured strains.

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We had high hopes for Megaton Melon #4’s fruity aroma, but were disappointed to find that it lacked any discernible melon or fruit scent. Instead, the strain emitted a moderately strong, natural and herbaceous aroma. We were hoping for a sweeter or fruitier taste, given the strain’s description, but were left wanting. It’s worth noting that the package date for our product was from September 2022, making it close to seven months old. While we had no control over this when ordering online, we believe that better quality control measures need to be put in place to ensure customers receive fresh product.


Ogen packaged their 3.5-gram Megaton Melon #4 flower in a green pill-style container, with the front label displaying the brand, strain, and cannabinoid content. The side label lists the lot number, package date, and contact details for the company.

As for the flower itself, it had a somewhat unkempt appearance with a few stems and leaves, but overall it was satisfactory. The light green leaves were complemented by orange pistils and a thick layer of milky trichomes, giving the flower a nice visual appeal. The buds were quite dry and could have benefited from better trimming. However, adding a humidity pack would have prevented them from being so crispy. While the visual appeal may not be awe-inspiring, it certainly wasn’t the worst we’ve seen.


We rolled up a one-gram joint and found that the flavour profile of Megaton Melon #4 aligned with its aroma. Unfortunately, the taste was reminiscent of a generic, herbal taste with no detectable sweetness or fruitiness, which could be due to the product’s packaging date of over six months ago. While nothing about the flavour was particularly memorable, it’s possible that a fresher batch may have a more desirable taste. As previously mentioned it shouldn’t be the customer’s responsibility to manage the product’s expiration date.


Our bag was packaged on September 14, 2022, and was part of lot number 7W22040036G012. With THC content of 25.1% and a price of $29.95 for 3.5 grams (or $213.95 for 28 grams), we felt this was a reasonable deal if it had been fresher. Unfortunately our product was very dry, and the terpenes were basically gone. This is something that retailers like OCS need to do a better job of managing, to ensure that customers receive fresh product.

Overall, our experience with Megaton Melon #4 was underwhelming at best, and it took us longer than normal to finish the container. The moderately strong sativa high felt a bit uplifting without a mental cloud, and the high only lasted about an hour, maybe a little less, but felt cerebral and mildly euphoric. While we have enjoyed other Ogen products in the past, we would likely pass on ordering this one again.

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Megaton Melon #4 by Ogen is a sativa-dominant strain that features light green buds, orange pistils, and a milky trichome layer. The herbal aroma and generic taste lacked fruity notes, and the buds were very dry, indicating that the product may have been old (packaged six months ago). The strain's effect provided a moderately strong sativa high that felt uplifting without a mental cloud, lasting for about an hour with mild euphoria and cerebral effects. With a THC content of 25.1% and a price of $29.95 for 3.5 grams, Megaton Melon #4 fell short of our expectations, and we would not reorder it. To ensure that customers receive fresh and high-quality products, retailers like OCS should improve their management of old stock.
  • Visually appealing trichome layer
  • Reasonable price for high THC
  • Moderately strong sativa high
  • Lacks expected fruity taste
  • Dry and crispy buds
  • Product was old and terpenes were gone
Smell - 6.3
Appearance - 7.6
Flavour - 6.2
Experience - 6.8
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