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RIFF Cryo Chronic Review

Cryo Chronic from RIFF is an indica strain that's described as having a powerful spicy, pepper and earthy aroma.

RIFF Cryo Chronic is their version of the peppery Frost Monster strain.

The name comes from the fact these buds are dense but retain a fox tail similar to a snowcap. Typically it’s aroma and flavour are described as a combination of spicy pepper with a earthy herbal undertone. RIFF’s grow teams says the buds are light green with subtle hints of purple and blue with a thick blanket of white and golden trichome crystals.

It will be interesting to see how this compares to RIFF’s Raider Kush which is another popular indica from this brand.

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The product arrived from RIFF in the same black plastic industry standard container as previous strains. Once the lid was off it took us a couple of rounds to key in on the aroma, which was was similar to a moderately strong floral mustard with a spicy pepper undertone.


RIFF included a humidity shield which definitely helped keep the buds a bit spongy. They were small to medium in size, fluffy but leafy, covered in amber yellow trichomes with sparks of orange hairs and quite a bit of dark green colour. Ultimately we prefer the appearance of RIFF’s Subway Scientist more as Cryo Chronic had too many untrimmed stems.


It wasn’t surprising to discover the flavour profile of this flower runs essentially parallel with the aroma. On inhale there was a brief taste that reminded us of warm mustard before switching up and becoming more of a softer earthy floral on exhale.


Listed with 20.7% THC content and a price tag of $26.95 for 3.5 grams, we found RIFF’s Cryo Chronic delivered a solid indica experience. After smoking the mind remained clear while the body enjoyed a strong but relaxing physical sensation that was felt most prominently around the eyes. If you liked the peppery Wedding Pie strain then you’ll also enjoy this one.

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RIFF's Cryo Chronic is an indica-dominant strain with a spicy pepper flavour and smell. Ours had 20.7% THC, a price of $26.95 for 3.5 grams and delivered a solid indica experience. After smoking the mind remained clear while the body felt a strong sense of relaxation that was calming and most noticeable around the eyes. Given the cost it's worth checking this one out.
  • Humidity shield
  • Price point ($26.95 for 3.5g)
  • Strong indica high
  • Stemmy and leafy
  • Mild aroma
  • Flavour will not appeal to everyone
Smell - 6.7
Appearance - 6.9
Flavour - 6.6
Experience - 7.5
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