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Beta-Phellandrene is a naturally occurring terpene found in some strains of cannabis but also commonly produced in mint, dill, black pepper, cinnamon, parsley, pine and lavender. Some research has shown potential anti-hyperalgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive properties. However, additional studies need to be conducted for conclusive results. Below you will find our cannabis strain reviews with Beta-Phellandrene.

up lemon z review up20 cannabis photos 5 merryjade 7.7 Cooked 7.7 Cooked User Avg

UP Lemon Z UP20 Review

UP Lemon Z is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Las Vegas Skunk with Zktlz. Most users describe the aroma and flavour as being a zesty citrus with a subtle herbal undertone. In ter...

tweed balmoral cannabis review photos 6.3 High 6.8 High User Avg

Tweed Balmoral Review

Tweed Balmoral is described as being a THC-dominant hybrid species with a very strong THC potency. Of course with a description like that we quickly placed our order so we could review. Tweed informs ...

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