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Sugarbud is a cannabis brand based in Calgary, Alberta. They were born from a community of genuine cannabis enthusiasts, aiming to construct a superior cannabis brand that surpasses consumer expectations.

Passion and dedication fuel every operation at Sugarbud, with an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest quality in the industry. The team's meticulous approach starts from the very basics, selecting exceptional plant genetics, and extends to utilizing the best nutrients and optimal environmental conditions. This thorough process results in cannabis plants that express their unique characteristics to the fullest.

With a fine attention to detail, each stage of production is carefully managed. This includes a distinctive dry and curing process that encompasses hand-harvesting, hang-drying, and cold barrel curing for up to 28 days. This method allows the cannabis flower to unlock its full potential, amplifying the rich terpenes' flavors and maximizing potency in every bud.

The finishing and packaging of Sugarbud's products are just as painstaking. Every gram is individually hand-finished and packed, ensuring that consumers' first interaction with the product is an exceptional one.

At the heart of their operations lies a mission to delight the discerning consumer and elevate how people perceive incorporating cannabis into their everyday lives. The brand's vision to offer superior products to legal markets has solidified its position as a highly respected name in the cannabis industry. Today, Sugarbud proudly offers an array of exceptional select batch cannabis products to Canadian consumers.

Below you will find our Sugarbud product reviews.

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Product Reviews

sugarbud mule fuel review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.8 Cooked 7.3 Cooked User Avg

Sugarbud Mule Fuel Review

Sugarbud Mule Fuel is an exclusive hybrid cultivar that was created by crossing GMO with Lurch. Users describe the aroma as being a blend of earthy and spicy notes with hints of florals, grass, citrus...

sugarbud gmo cookies review cannabis photos 4 merry jade 1 8.2 Blazed 7.1 Cooked User Avg

Sugarbud GMO Cookies Review

Last year we reviewed Krypto Chronic #2 from Sugarbud and were pleasantly surprised. Today we’re checking out Sugarbud GMO Cookies which is an indica-dominant flower that was made when Girl Scou...

sugbarbud krypto chronic 2 reivew cannabis photos 5 cannibros 8.1 Blazed 7.7 Cooked User Avg

Sugarbud Krypto Chronic 2 Review

Sugarbud Krypto Chronic 2 is a hybrid that leans towards it’s indica side and was created by crossing Alien Cookies, Fruity Pebbles OG and Jet Fuel Gelato. The strain is described as having medi...

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