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ROSE LifeScience

ROSE LifeScience is an esteemed cannabis producer based in Huntingdon, located just 75 km southwest of Montréal. Since 2016, the vibrant community of Huntingdon has entrusted ROSE LifeScience with their flourishing, making it an honor for the company. Together, they strive to create jobs, invest in culture, and take responsibility for environmental stewardship.

ROSE LifeScience's commitment to combining innovation and nature's wisdom is reflected in their strictly controlled indoor environments. By continuously improving their plants and products through this approach, they establish a distinctive presence in the competitive cannabis market.

Operating from their impressive 55,000 square-foot facility in Huntingdon, known as the ROSE Huntingdon facility, the company excels in creating and distributing original brands and groundbreaking products. The adaptable growing environments provide ROSE LifeScience with the freedom to invent and consistently enhance their offerings, keeping in mind how consumers wish to connect with the joyful cannabis plant.

One aspect that sets ROSE LifeScience apart is their proud collaboration with select artisanal micro-producers. Through their two cannabis brand collectives, DLYS & Homage, ROSE LifeScience supports and advances homegrown craft products not only in Québec but also across Canada. By working closely with small-batch growers, ROSE LifeScience helps alleviate the challenges of commercial complexities and facilitates the seamless placement of their local products into the hands of consumers.

With a focus on community, innovation, and collaboration, ROSE LifeScience continues to be a driving force in the cannabis industry. Their dedication to quality, environmental responsibility, and supporting local artisans showcases their commitment to delivering exceptional cannabis experiences to consumers in Québec and beyond.


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