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Tantalus Labs Ltd.

Tantalus Labs Ltd. is a licensed company that grows high-quality cannabis using sustainable methods. They believe that top-notch cannabis comes from excellent genetics, pure ingredients, and careful cultivation. To create exceptional cannabis, Tantalus Labs spent four years constructing a special greenhouse called SunLab in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, B.C.

SunLab uses rainwater collected from the plentiful rainfall in the Fraser Valley for watering their plants. This rainwater is filtered three times and ensures that Tantalus Labs uses water in a sustainable way. This helps produce clean and high-quality cannabis that burns well.

Instead of artificial lights, Tantalus Labs relies on sunlight as the main source of light for their plants. Sunlight provides a natural and complete range of light that helps cannabis grow healthily. Using sunlight also helps Tantalus Labs reduce their impact on the environment. Compared to traditional indoor cultivation methods, they can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Selecting the right cannabis plants for cultivation is a careful process at SunLab. Tantalus Labs' team of experts spends 18 months evaluating different strains to find the best qualities. They look at factors like potency, smell, bud structure, and plant health over four rounds of growth. Through this process, they identify the best plants for cultivation using potency testing as a guide.

Tantalus Labs is dedicated to sustainability, scientific practices, and attention to detail. Their goal is to provide outstanding cannabis products that meet high standards in the industry.


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Product Reviews

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Tantalus Labs Slurri Crasher is the result of combining two well-celebrated strains, Slurricane and Wedding Crasher. The result is an indica-dominant strain that is capable of pulling flavours and bag...

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Tantalus Labs Sky Pilot is described as having large buds with an ultra-frosty trichome appearance. Tantalus says this strain has an aroma of blueberry with hints of spice and pine. As mentioned this ...

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