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RYOT Verb 510 Flip Threaded Battery Oil Vaporizer Review

The VERB 510 from RYOT offers multiple power modes and a subtle clean design for vaping oil in 510 cartridges.

Last year we became familiar with RYOT after reviewing their Kannastor grinder.

Today we’re checking out the RYOT Verb 510 Flip which is suppose to offer high, medium and low power modes, in addition to a pre-heat function. This oil vape battery comes with a universal magnetic adaptor meaning it should be able to run any 510 threaded cartridges without much difficulty.

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The Verb 510 arrived in a silver tin storage box with the RYOT logo embossed on the front lid. In terms of dimensions, the box measured 4 3/8″ long, 3″ wide, and 1 1/4″ thick.

We found the following inside:

  • User Manual
  • RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x 3/16” (4.6mm) Short Magnetic Adaptor
  • 1 x 9/16” (14.5mm) Medium Magnetic Adaptor

Instead of the classic pen style design that is commonly seen in the industry, the RYOT Verb 510 has a durable plastic shell designed to mimic the appearance of a Zippo lighter for discreet public use. It’s plastic shell measured 3 1/4″ tall, 1 1/2″ wide, and 3/4″ thick.

In terms of operation, you only have a single button which makes using the device pretty straightforward. It fits any 0.5 ml and most 1 ml tank cartridges so long as they use a 510 thread with a diameter up to 11.8 mm. The short magnetic adaptor is designed for 1 ml tanks while the medium magnetic adaptor is designed for 0.5 ml tanks and using the correct adaptor ensures the mouth piece of the tank is comfortably within reach.

The battery capacity is 650 mAH with a resistance above 0.8 ohms that only accepts 5-volt chargers. It has 3 voltage settings. Each voltage output is color coded with the Low setting being 3 volts and the LED behind the tank is green. The Medium setting is 3.4 volts and the LED behind the tank is blue. The High setting is 3.8 volts and the LED color is red.

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As mentioned above, the Verb 510 has 2 magnetic adaptors that were designed for 0.5 ml and 1 ml 510 thread cartridges respectively. They are super easy to screw on and ensure a good connection each time.

Simply attach the appropriate magnetic adaptor to your 510 thread vape cartridge and insert your vape cartridge into the RYOT Verb 510 (ensure the lid will close). If the lid gets caught on the mouthpiece when closing, you may need to rotate the cartridge 90 degrees so the mouth piece is better aligned to allow the lid to close.

Follow these 3 steps to get started:

  1. To turn the device on or off, press the button 5 times.
  2. A blue LED will flashing indicating the device is powering up.
  3. When the blue LED stops flashing you can begin.

RYOT suggests to pre-heating your cartridge when using for the first time by pressing the button 2 times. This cartridge pre-heat cycle is accompanied by a white flashing LED that lasts 12 seconds. Whether you choose to use this setting or not, when you’re ready to toke, simply press and hold the button then begin drawing on the mouth piece.

The device has 3 colour-coded voltage settings which correspond to the temperature used to heat the oil. If you want to change temperature, simply press the button 3 times. The lowest setting provides the most flavour and slowly heats up the oil. The LED turns green when pressing and holding the button. The medium setting is a balance between flavour and vapor cloud size. The LED turns blue when holding the button down. The highest setting allows for larger vapor clouds at a reduction to overall flavour. The LED turns red on this setting when the button is held. RYOT programmed it with an auto-shutoff feature which turns off the device after 20 minutes to preserve battery life.

The device was easy to charge using the included micro-USB cable with a 5-volt charger. On a full charge using the Green or lowest voltage setting for maximum flavour, we were not only hooked on the great flavours we tried but we were able to use the device for over 72 hours actually finishing a 1 ml vape cartridge completely and still had lots of charge left over. Fully charging the device takes about 2 hours however you’ll likely get through 2 vape carts before needing to recharge.

Come to think of it, the only thing missing is a way to check the battery remaining.

ryot premium verb 510 thread battery review unboxing photos 4 merry jade


The RYOT Verb 510 can be bought from their website for $30 USD which comes with a 1 year limited warranty which we believe is a great deal. Click here to check it out. Note the manual included in the device only says 6 month warranty so it must be out of date as we’ve confirmed this information with RYOT.

Many people that have seen the device love its compact size and that it can be out in plain sight without anyone knowing it is a vape device. Being compatible with both 0.5 ml and 1 ml vape cartridges is a plus and the magnetic adaptors making changing carts super easy. Overall we feel for the price, this makes an ideal gift for anyone whom enjoys vaping 510 cartridges!

ryot premium verb 510 thread battery review unboxing photos 5 merry jade


The Verb 510 from RYOT is device for vaping oil in 510 cartridges. Currently it's available for the reasonable price of $30 and is designed to looked like a Zippo light so it can be out in plain sight without anyone knowing it's a vape device. Both 0.5 ml and 1 ml vape cartridges can be used because it comes with magnetic adaptors so changing carts is super simple. Overall we felt this device offers good value and would recommend grabbing one.
  • Easily concealable
  • Good price point ($30)
  • Works for most 510 thread vape carts
  • Case made of plastic
  • Vape cart can wiggle while in slot
  • Adapters are small and can be misplaced
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  1. I loved mine for the first few months. I bought 4 because I thought they were so 3 of the 4 rarely work. I have to wiggle them, eject the cart, reinsert it, wiggle it more, eject, reinsert, repeat until I see the light flash indicating that it actually connected. I used to love them but they’ve become so damn finicky that they’re embarrassing to use around friends. I really want to love them because when they used to work consistently I think they have the best design…but now that they rarely work they’re always super aggravating to use. I’ve tried reaching out the ryot a couple times and no one has responded. They went from my top vape battery recommendation to not even any recommendation. Do better, Ryot.


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