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BigBark Pure Pre-Rolled Cones Review

Get ready to roll into a world of paper perfection! We're about to dive into the review of BigBark's Pure Pre-Rolled Cones, where convenience meets quality in a delightful dance. Continue reading to get the whole scoop.

Today, we are reviewing a pre-rolled cone from BigBark. These are part of their Pure product-line, made from unbleached wood pulp.

We will assess the Quality of Construction, Ease of Use, and Overall Value so you have an idea how these compare to other wood pulp options like for example Zomo’s Perfect Natural Pack or the lesser-known Greengo King Size Unbleached Papers.

Now, let’s delve into the details and see how these rolling papers perform.

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The construction quality of the BigBark Pure Cones is satisfactory, boasting several notable features that distinguish them from other rolling paper brands. Notably, the packaging stands out as it includes a scoop and packing tubes, effectively maximizing the utility while minimizing waste.

When handling the cones, they have a pleasant tactile experience. Despite their thinness, they are not overly delicate, ensuring easy handling without the risk of tearing. In terms of quality, they maintain a similar standard to renowned brands like RAW.

A distinctive characteristic of these papers is the woody taste that accompanies their use, evoking the sensation of puffing from a wooden pipe. Although they felt slightly thinner than traditional pulp rolling papers, they did not compromise on performance. It’s worth mentioning that the included filter tips lack perforations, but this minor concern does not significantly impact the overall quality of the papers.

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The BigBark Pure Pre-Rolled Cones excel in terms of ease of use, making them an excellent choice, especially for novice rollers.

One notable advantage of these cones is their secure grip during the packing process. Unlike some papers that easily tear or shift, these cones provide a reliable grip, ensuring a tight and consistent roll. This feature is particularly valuable for those who may not have mastered the art of rolling yet.

Additionally, these cones maintain their stability throughout the rolling process. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these pulp cones are slightly more susceptible to runs, where the paper burns unevenly and can compromise the integrity of the joint. While this may require some additional attention and maintenance to keep the joint intact, it doesn’t significantly detract from the overall ease of use.

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BigBark’s Pure Pre-Rolled Cones provide a highly satisfying experience, offering excellent value for the price. The current price for a carton of 24 packs, with each pack containing 8 cones, is $54.20.

One of the key advantages of choosing this brand is the convenience of ordering directly from their website. By eliminating the need to search for them in stores or on other online marketplaces, customers can easily access the product they desire.

These cones are particularly appealing to individuals who prioritize both quality and affordability. Despite their competitive price point, the BigBark Pure Pre-Rolled Cones maintain a high standard of quality, comparable to more well-known brands. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a satisfying smoking experience without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, these provide an overall enjoyable experience, combining convenience, affordability, and quality. Whether you are a novice roller or a seasoned enthusiast, these papers offer a reliable option for enjoying your smoking sessions.

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BigBark Pure Pre-Rolled Cones offer satisfactory construction quality, with unique features such as packing tubes and a loading scoop. They have a pleasant feel and maintain a similar level of quality compared to renowned brands. These cones are easy to use, providing a secure grip, durability, and stability while being packed. Priced at $54.20 for 24 packs of 8 cones each, these offer excellent overall value and can be ordered directly from BigBark's website which ensures convenience and the best price.
  • Pleasant feel and comparable quality to popular brands
  • Convenient packaging with packing tube and scoop
  • Competitive pricing for 8 cones
  • Slight woody aftertaste
  • Can develop runs while smoking
  • Limited availability outside of direct ordering
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