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Hybrid Filters Kombipack Review

Unveil the secrets of activated charcoal filtration and discover why this innovative accessory from Austria is transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary without sacrificing flavor!

Delve into a new realm of cannabis enjoyment with the Hybrid Filters Kombipack, a meticulously crafted creation boasting activated charcoal filters designed by Andreas Setzer, an Austrian trauma surgeon with a passion for cannabis. As we unravel the layers of this innovative accessory, join us on a journey to enhance your smoking experience.

Below you’ll find our review of their combo pack which also includes rolling papers.

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these patented filters have been meticulously developed over three years by Andreas Setzer, an Austrian trauma surgeon. Measuring 6.4 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length, these filters promise an optimal filtration experience across four stages. The design incorporates a single layer of coconut-activated charcoal surrounded by two layers of cellulose, ensuring an effective and refined filtration process. Each package goes above and beyond by including a generous 4-meter roll of rolling papers made from wood pulp, featuring Arabic gum for a comprehensive and convenient cannabis smoking experience.


Preparing your joint becomes an effortless endeavor with the Hybrid Filter. Unroll the paper to your desired length, similar to handling parchment paper or plastic wrap, and tear it off effortlessly. The robustness of the paper, coupled with the secure seal provided by the arabic gum adhesive, guarantees a seamless and secure joint.

For optimal results, position the filters with the hole-end near your mouth, fully enveloped by the rolling paper. It’s important to note that these filters are designed for single-use, and their placement is crucial for an enhanced experience. To accommodate the Hybrid Filter comfortably, 1 1/4″ or King Size rolling papers are recommended, ensuring a perfect marriage of convenience and effectiveness.


f you’re accustomed to cardboard filters, it’s time for an upgrade to the cost-effective and high-quality Hybrid Filter. Tailored for on-the-go cannabis enthusiasts, the versatile Kombipack is a game-changer especially for those who enjoy a clean smoke without sacrificing the taste. With a suggested retail price of $14.99 for the Box55 and $12.99 for the Kombipack in physical stores (online prices may vary), these filters offer great value while doing a wonderful job filtering material you really don’t want to inhale. Although made in Europe, this product is currently available in approximately 20 cannabis stores in Ontario including OCS. Elevate your cannabis experience with a touch of sophistication.

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The Hybrid Filter emerges as a game-changer for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a heightened smoking experience. Crafted with precision by trauma surgeon Andreas Setzer, the innovative combination of activated charcoal and cellulose ensures optimal filtration. Its seamless ease of use, with a robust adhesive seal, enhances joint preparation, while the versatile Kombipack caters to the on-the-go smoker. However, the single-use design and potential price variation online pose limitations. As a promising accessory, the Hybrid Filter adds a touch of sophistication to your cannabis ritual, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • Precision filtration for enhanced experience
  • Filter made of cellulose and carbon
  • Preserved the authentic cannabis flavor
  • Filter did feel a bit thin
  • Online prices may vary
  • Single-use design limits longevity
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