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Futurola King Size Slim Rolling Papers Review

Futurola King Size Slim rolling papers are made from high quality paper to provide a smooth and flavourful smoking experience.

Futurola King Size Slim Rolling Papers are the same length as King Size but their width is closer to a regular size rolling paper.

Essentially Futurola makes these rollies for smokers who like spinning long sticks but not necessarily thick cones. Since we recently reviewed the Futurola x Tyson Blunt Wrap and liked it more then expected (especially the strong flavour and slow burn) we became curious about their rolling papers.

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Futurola claims this product is made from one of the thinnest papers in the world. Of course it’s hard to verify this claim and although we agree the papers are thin, they are definitively thicker then something like Smoking Brand’s Thinnest Papers which were almost see-through.

The paper does feel good between our fingers and is additive-free to minimize unnatural elements while at the same time maximizing the cannabis flavour.

Standard King Size rolling papers from Futurola measures 2.08″ (53 mm) wide and these slims come in at 1.73″ (44 mm) which might not sound like much but it’s actually significant difference in paper. In case you’re wondering, they use a natural Arabic gum for glue.

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Do these King Size Slims make rolling easier or harder when compared to normal King Size papers?

We believe there is no right or wrong answer because it comes down to personal preference and the style of joints you like smoking. If prefer thick cones then you should probably stick with normal King Size papers but if you like a slimmer stick or feel like regular Kings have just a tad too much paper then Slim is the way to go.

We did not encounter any issues rolling with these and we actually preferred them a touch more compared to normal Kings. Since we grew up using standard size Zig-Zags it seems anything larger automatically feels like excessive paper.

futurola king size slim rolling paper review photos 3 merry jade


Futurola King Size Slim Papers are sold as single packs with 32 leaves or a box of 50 packs. Individual packs retail for between $2.99 and $4.99 whereas the box will set you back around $50 to $60 depending on where you order from.

However like all rolling papers the value comes down to your personal preference. These were certainly not the most expensive rolling paper we’ve reviewed and by far not the worst either. Even though we didn’t love this product as much as their blunt wrap that’s really just a personal preference (not a flaw in the product) as we tend to use regular or 1 1/4″ as King is just a bit big.

That being said if you prefer King Size papers then Futurola is a solid company with plenty of options. We grabbed a pack of their normal King Size rollies and will post a review on that one shortly.

Futurola King Size Slim Papers sell for between $2.99 and $4.99 for single packs and $49.99 for boxes of 50. The value comes down to your personal preference because these were not the most expensive rolling paper reviewed and also not the worst. Even though we didn’t love them as much as Futurola's blunt wrap that's a personal preference because we normally roll with regular size or 1 1/4″ as King is a bit big.
  • Price point ($2.99 per pack)
  • Slow burning and thin
  • Less paper then traditional King Size
  • Only 32 leaves per pack
  • Rips easily when packing
  • Might not be available locally (order online)
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