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Seven Leaf

Seven Leaf is a visionary cannabis company driven by purpose and a commitment to enriching the future. Founded by a team of motivated Mohawk professionals, they believe that the ultimate success of Seven Leaf lies in the pride of their entire team. Their motto, "happy people grow happy plants," reflects their focus on employee well-being.

The story of Seven Leaf began with ideas that turned into words and then action. As a company with a community-driven focus, they recognize the exceptional opportunities the emerging recreational cannabis industry presents for local Indigenous communities. They aim to ensure that both current and future generations benefit from this new and exciting industry.

Prior to launching, Seven Leaf conducted extensive research, dedicating years to understanding the cannabis industry holistically. This knowledge forms the basis of their decision-making process. They have built a state-of-the-art indoor facility that provides an optimum growing experience, reflecting their genuine appreciation for the plant and commitment to quality. They project expansion to 100,000 square feet of canopy space within 24 months.

Economic sustainability is a crucial part of Seven Leaf's business model. At full capacity, they expect to create over 150 full-time jobs for the local community and infuse approximately $8 million in payroll annually, supporting the local economy.

Seven Leaf takes pride in their product offering, featuring meticulously hand-crafted cannabis strains known for their exceptional quality and effectiveness. As they progress towards their initial cultivation goals, they anticipate expanding their product range to include high-quality cannabis oils, concentrates, and edible products in accordance with Health Canada regulations.

Uniquely qualified, Seven Leaf is rooted in the rich Mohawk heritage of the Akwesasne community. Mohawks have a long history of living in harmony with the land and its natural resources. Drawing from this heritage, Seven Leaf strives to apply their plant knowledge, sensitivity, and balance to their cannabis cultivation practices, just as they did with the traditional Three Sisters crop planting technique that created sustainable and fertile soil.

The values of Seven Leaf are deeply influenced by their rich history, traditions, and respect for the environment. They honor their Mohawk heritage and strive to create a cannabis company that embodies the principles of balance, sustainability, and community.


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