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Seven Leaves Jupiter Jack Review

Seven Leaves' Jupiter Jack is a sativa-dominant cultivar with a citrusy herbal aroma, frost bright green buds and over 27% THC content.

Seven Leaves Jupiter Jack is a phenotype of the legendary Jack Herer strain, which was first introduced many moons ago in the Netherlands when Sensi Seed combined a Haze hybrid with a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk to create this sativa-heavy hybrid with an obvious tribute to its namesake.

Also known as the “Emperor of Hemp”, Jack (the human) became highly regarded in the 1980’s for authoring a definitive guide to the many benefits of cannabis, and now skilled creators at Sacramento’s Seven Leaves have kept those positive vibes in heavy rotation while putting their own twist on this classic spirit lifter. Let’s see how this flower compares to Seven Leaves Vovo strain which we just reviewed a week or two ago.

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If I told you this weed smelled like cat droppings covered in Cheez Whiz and then sprayed with a cloud of Lysol, would you still want to smoke it? Because it does, and you absolutely should. I’m a big fan of the Jack family, and this is one of the most forcefully pungent versions of this classic strain that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. The initial odor sank in like a swift smack to the nose, tossing around a swirling stew of dense gas that was heavily weighted by the thick skunky base typical of this lineage, along with that slightly sharp layer of cheese and a healthy dousing of ammonia. Hovering over that was a light blanket of lemon with minor notes of earthy wood and herbal spice, all dancing around in mid-air like the ghost of a Grateful Dead roadie who hasn’t showered in a week, but he’s all smiles. As a lover of JH, this bold and beastly scent combination was right up my alley, but I can easily see how some who prefer a subtler package might be turned off by the otherworldly power of this interplanetary funk.


These small, leafy buds were quite soft and fresh, with interlacing shades of bright lime and olive woven around wild patches of caramel-colored hair sprouting out from the cracks. The surface of each nug was entirely overtaken by legions of milky cream-toned trichomes crawling outward in dense invading waves to remind us that if intelligent beings from Jupiter suddenly show up at our doorstep, someone better have a sack of Jack ready.


This strain has eight different terpenes contributing to it’s flavor which is not surprising after you taste it. The initial pull brought that same unmistakable skunkiness, though in a much less pronounced way, overshadowed instead by the bright chemical edge of diesel and ammonia. The taste here wasn’t quite as powerful as the odor but still carried a strong punch, with the faint hint of an herbal sweetness on exhale, leaving behind that distinct lemon bite and earthy notes of spice and wood. The overall flavor profile came across with the stature of a gassy giant, much like the planet you’ll be on soon after you smoke some.


My bag was part of batch SMALZ-26-021822 with a package date of February 18, 2022 and 27.76% THC content. Just as expected from a Jack Herer pheno, there was an extreme lean into sativa territory with this buzz – if you’d like to know what we mean by that then learn the differences between indica and sativa here. Not surprising, the first hit produced a quick heady jolt that was accompanied by a sudden rocket burst of energy, making it a highly recommended choice for wake and bake sessions. It’ll definitely get you up and jumping first thing in the morning, but it’s a great smoke for any time of the day, if you’re trying to pick the right sativa and can handle a good head trip that comes with a myriad of mental wandering, then this one might be perfect. The high was quite energetic and jovial, and just might make you feel like the most massive planet in the solar system, so take a left turn at the fifth rock from the sun and go grab yourself a sack of this astronomical spin on a timeless classic.

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Jupiter Jack from Seven Leaves is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a citrusy herbal aroma and flavour. The first hit delivered a quick heady jolt that was accompanied by a sudden rocket burst of energy, making it a highly recommended choice for wake and bake sessions. Overall the high was quite energetic, jovial and felt surprisingly uplifting.
  • Energizing sativa high
  • Tastes and smokes like a classic
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Very skunky smell
  • Ammonia edge to the flavor
  • Buds were slightly leafy
Smell - 8.3
Appearance - 8
Flavour - 8.4
Experience - 8.6
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As a Northern California native and longtime consumer of cannabis in many forms I've spent endless hours exploring the various brands and products this region has to offer, so I'm here to help guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the West Coast weed world. From sunny South Cali to the Bay Area breeze and Sacramento trees, all the way up to the emerald glory of Mendocino and legendary Humboldt County, I'll be discovering the best (and maybe not-so-best) buds, concentrates, and extracts being harvested in the Golden State these days. Why? So you don't have to take chances when you're headed out to pick up a fresh drop, of course. Because that's what we do here. It's pretty heroic.

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