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Versus Sweet Island Skunk Review

In the world of cannabis, not all skunks stink the same. Sweet Island Skunk by Versus whispered promises of a fragrant affair. But can this skunk truly sweet-talk its way into the hall of fame? Dive in as our crew unravels the aroma and allure of this intriguing strain.

Canada’s been making waves in the cannabis world for a while now, and Sweet Island Skunk is a good example of that legacy.

Versus Sweet Island Skunk is sativa-leaning flower marries the iconic Skunk #1 with an unknown sativa to produce a flower that looks as good as it smell. Versus describes their version as having a skunky yet sweet profile with a hint of grapefruit. After their Death Star fell short for us, we hoped their Sweet Island Skunk would make that a distant memory. Let’s see how this compares to BC Purple Kush from Versus.

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First impressions? They matter. And oh boy, did Versus make a good one with their Sweet Island Skunk. Pretty much the moment we cracked open the bag, we were met with that unmistakable sweet skunky aroma. It’s the kind of smell that instantly brings a nod of recognition from seasoned smokers. Think classic skunk vibes but with a pleasant sweet overlay. And just to set the record straight, it’s a nose ahead of Marley’s Island Sweet Skunk.


Versus keeps their packaging straightforward: a white zip-lock pouch that tells you what you need to know. Front and center were the essentials – brand, strain, cannabinoids, package date, and grower contact information – the folks at Valens Agritech. But enough about the bag, let’s talk buds. With a spongy feel, they ranged from small to medium size. Fun to handle and even more fun to break apart, they left our fingers with that coveted sticky residue. Their fresh look was impressive, especially since there wasn’t a humidity pack inside the bag. Sporting a lively light green with streaks of orange pistil hairs, they weren’t caked in trichomes, but they sure weren’t bare either. Out of all the Sweet Island Skunk batches we’ve laid eyes on, this one probably is the best so far.


We got down to business, rolled a joint, lit, and passed. The room filled with that same skunky aroma, which, if we may add, set the mood just right. As for the taste, it’s everything an enthusiast would hope for. The skunk foundation was unmistakably there, but the sweet herbal notes added a layer of complexity, making each drag enjoyable. Nice job by Versus, the smoke was silky smooth, a clear sign that these buds were kept fresh.


Our bag was part of lot number VA072403.01, and was packaged on July 17, 2023. Advertised with a THC level of 25.8% and with a price tag of $99.95 for 28 grams, we had minimal expectation given our past experience with this brand. However we were pleasantly surprised. The high was the kind that loosens you up but doesn’t glue you to the couch. Instead of a heavy body feeling like you get with many indicas, this one was more of a heady cerebral buzz. Conversations flowed, laughter echoed, and the ambience was all shades of upbeat. Usually, strains that deliver potent levels of THC knock you off your feet. But this one? It’s mellow in all the right ways – granted you’re seasoned with your greens. Hands down, it’s the best Sweet Island Skunk session we’ve had.

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Sweet Island Skunk from Versus is sativa-leaning goodness, mixing that classic Skunk #1 with another elusive sativa. And at $99.95 for 28 grams with a punchy THC of 25.8%, it's a steal. Crack open the bag, and you're hit with that sweet skunky goodness that's true to its name. Light it up, and you get a musky hit with a sweet herb chaser that keeps you coming back for more. Those buds? A lively shade of green with orange highlights, looking fresh and feeling just right. But the real magic? That high. It’s mellow, it's heady, and even with all that THC, it won't floor you, making for a killer session every time.
  • $99.95 for 28 grams: Great value!
  • Uplifting sativa effects
  • Smooth, pleasant smoke
  • Buds could be frostier
  • No humidity pack included
  • Only available in 28 grams
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 7.4
Experience - 8.2
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I'm Emily, a passionate cannabis enthusiast from Toronto. I fell in love with cannabis during my university days and have since immersed myself in its world. My goal is to be your trusted guide, providing honest and insightful reviews that help you make informed decisions about enhancing your cannabis journey. Join me on this exciting adventure as we explore the dynamic landscape of cannabis together. Let's uncover hidden gems and stay up to date with the latest trends. Get ready for an extraordinary exploration with me, Emily, by your side.

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