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BLK MKT Upside Down Cake Pre-Roll Review

Upside Down Cake from BLK MKT is a potent indica with over 30% THC and a delicious tropical aroma.

Historically Upside Down Cake is an indica-leaning hybrid that was created by crossing Sunset Sherbert with an unknown indica. 

We’re assuming BLK MKT Upside Down Cake Pre-Roll has a similar lineage because they don’t mention this cultivar on their website. It apparently has a diverse terpene profile with a loud aroma and delicious flavour however the only terpene indicated is Ocimeme. This is one of those rare exceptions with over 30% THC content so it’s definitely classified as potent. We’re curious how this compares to BLK MKT’s Pineapple P pre-roll which we just reviewed last week.

blk mkt upside down cake pre roll review photos 1 merry jade


The pre-roll arrived in a matte black, glass tube with resealable lid to keep the freshness intact, which definitely seemed to be the case. As we opened the tube, we were hit with a sweet smell of tropical citrus, followed by undertones of diesel. Upside Down Cake has a unique terpene profile but due to Ocimene being dominant, it provides a sweet and herbal aroma with woody citrus undertones.


The buds must have been really juicy because you can see moisture spots appearing all over the pre roll. Nicely rolled gram in a white king size paper with a white tip. The top of the pre-roll in folded inwards which ensures none of the bud falls out during transport.


We couldn’t wait to light this one up. Taking a deep inhale coated our mouths with the taste of sweet icing from a cake. There’s definitely some kind of fruit undertone mixed in there as well because as you exhale there is a moderately strong earthy spike of citrus with a hint of spice. It was hard to pass the joint because it tastes that good.


Listed with 30.4% THC content and a price tag of $15.95 for a 1 gram pre-rolled joint, we found BLK MKT’s Upside Down Cake definitely smacks (which it should for the price). You instantly start feeling high… and higher, until you realize you’re far too gone now. It’s rare to find a strain over 30% but but we can definitely vouch for this being potent. Comedown was not very noticeable, and took it’s sweet time as well. Definitely rode the high for quite a bit and can’t wait to hop back on again.

blk mkt upside down cake pre roll review photos 2 merry jade
blk mkt upside down cake pre roll review photos 3 merry jade

BLK MKT's Upside Down Cake pre-roll is an indica-dominant flower with a tropical citrus aroma and sweet sugar flavour. Listed with 30.4% THC and a price of $15.95 for a 1 gram joint, we found it delivered a heavy buzz - which shouldn't be surprising given the price. This is one of those products where you take a hit and instantly start feeling high. Rare to find a strain over 30% but but we can definitely vouch for this having a strong kick.
  • Mouth-watering flavour
  • Potent high (over 30% THC)
  • Reusable glass tube
  • Price point ($15.95 for 1g joint)
  • Strain details lacking on package
  • Only available in 1 gram pre-roll
Smell - 7.9
Appearance - 6.9
Flavour - 8.8
Experience - 8.4
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