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Connected Cannabis Co

Connected Cannabis Co. is a highly reputable and licensed cannabis company located in California, with multiple locations across Sacramento, San Francisco, and Stockton. Their focus on growing designer strains and unique terpene profiles has set them apart from the local competition. The top-shelf strains grown by Connected Cannabis Co. are highly sought-after by cannabis enthusiasts, and their intense flavor, aroma, and color make them truly unique. We have ordered and tested products from Connected Cannabis Co. and below you will find our reviews. Our team of experts has thoroughly evaluated the products, including their potency, effects, and overall quality. All the products reviewed on this page are authentic and reflect the opinions of our team. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to cannabis, our reviews can help you make informed decisions about which products to try from Connected Cannabis Co. From their designer strains to their unique terpene profiles, they offer an exceptional cannabis experience.

henrys original horchata review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 8.1 Blazed 7.7 Cooked User Avg

Henry’s Original Horchata Review

Henry’s Original Horchata is an evenly-balanced hybrid that was created by Compound Genetics through a crossing of two similar sounding yet distinctly different strains, Mochi Gelato (Gelato 47)...

skunk brothers gobstoppers review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 8.8 Blazed 8.7 Blazed User Avg

Skunk Brothers Gobstoppers Review

Skunk Brothers Gobstoppers is a potent indica-leaning hybrid that was born from a crossing of perennial west coast favorites Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush. First introduced by Washington’s Alph...

green dawg cultivators maracuya review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 8.6 Blazed 8.8 Blazed User Avg

Green Dawg Cultivators Maracuya Review

Green Dawg Cultivators Maracuya, aka Passion Fruit, is a vibrant sativa-dominant strain that was created by the dedicated seed slingers at Dutch Passion through a uniquely fruity combination of Orange...

connected cannabis the chemist review photos 6 merry jade 7.7 Cooked 7.7 Cooked User Avg

Connected Cannabis The Chemist Review

Connected Cannabis The Chemist is a designer hybrid strain mixed up by the mad scientists over at Sacramento’s infamous Connected Co., this time combining the ever-popular Biscotti and Chem D st...

evidence nutter budder review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 7.9 Cooked 8.3 Blazed User Avg

Evidence Nutter Budder Review

We’re checking out Evidence Nutter Budder today. The origins of Nutter Budder trace back to Humboldt Seed Company’s crossing of Peanut Butter Breath with a mystery strain known only as C43...

alien labs area 41 review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 7.9 Cooked 7.6 Cooked User Avg

Alien Labs Area 41 Review

Area 41 is a balanced hybrid that was brought to this planet by the intergalactic breeders over at Alien Labs by combining the Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41 strains. A staple among fans of the beloved S...

lolo lemonade slusheez pre ground review photos 5 merry jade 7.9 Cooked

LoLo Lemonade Slusheez Review (Milled)

LoLo Lemonade Slusheez is a sativa-heavy hybrid stemming from a combination of Gelato with Lemon Tree. Initially crossed by UK-based Real Gorilla Seeds, the Northern California company Lolo has now ad...

hightide sherblato review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 6 High 5.4 Buzzed User Avg

Hightide Sherblato Review

As you may guess from the name, Hightide Sherblato is a hybrid strain that was brought to life by combining two of the West Coast’s most well-known and widely loved strains, Sunset Sherbet and G...

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